August 23, 2010

Product Review: Tarte Peaches & Cream Foundation, C

Happy Monday to all!

Now that I'm back from vacay (a wonderful week in Charleston) it's back to blogging!

Up for review today is Tarte's Peaches & Cream foundation. I bought this little product off of on the cheap, as it retails for $35 on the Tarte website.

Details from the product site:

Apply this velvety confection when you want to hide imperfections and create a perfectly smooth canvas.

The vitamin-enriched formula goes on like a dream and dries to a soft, powdery finish that’s just peachy.

It also offers SPF 20 - which I'm a big fan of.

And here's my review:

The Good: It does indeed make your skin velvety...and as mentioned I'm happy with the SPF 20 and oil free product.

The Bad: Bummer...this product dulled my skin and made me look zombie-esque. (And it's the correct shade) Speaking of that there are only three shades to choose from. Woof.

The Verdict: C from me. I really wanted to dig this product, but it just made me look ashy and dull. Definitely not a rebuy for me as I prefer a more luminous foundation.