June 27, 2012

Three Items I Currently Cannot Live/Travel Without

Ok...so clearly, there are many, many items of clothing I cannot survive without, but there are three that I continue to circle back to. And I'm not talking basic bras and undies here, folks. Yes, I need those things too. But I seem to especially gravitate towards the three items below especially when I'm traveling, thus solidifying my thought that said three items are pretty clutch for my summer wardrobe.

Denim Jacket: I've been rocking a Levi's denim jacket I scored from Macy's a few months back...no kidding, I rock that thing harder than Brett Michaels rocks a bandana. I'm almost considering buying a white version to pair with denim shorts and such as I can *cannot* werk that denim on denim trend.

Perfect White Tanks: I personally go through a handful of Target's $9 micro ribbed tanks every summer. They're nice and fitted and come in a variety of shade, white being the most used. They're long enough for the long-waisted gals, but don't bunch up too much for those of us who aren't blessed with a lengthy torso.

Comfy leather flip flops: Last summer I was obsessed with Tkees. I still love 'em. So much. However, I scored a pair of Mad Love sandals recently that I'm equally as crazy about. These flippies are more comfortable than the rubber Havianas and some even have a touch of support for your tired tootsies.

Which three items do you covet for summer?

June 21, 2012

Summa Summa Tiiiiiiime Cravings

It's hot. And hawt. In celebration of the heat (that sounds more than enthusiastic), I've been perusing the interwebs for the trifecta of summer fun: beach bags, sunglasses and sun hats! While I should also add a slew of sunscreen and bathing suits to that list, I'll just tackle the former three as of today...and every item is less than $100.

Beach bags: I like those that are washable, aren't "open weave" (not a fan of sand in my band) and are easy to carry. Like dees ones...

Sunglasses: I know so many ladies who will drop some serious coin on sunnies. That's great - because those sunglasses are typically great looking pieces of fashion. The problem I have is that I often lose, sit on or "misplace" my sunglasses. Not cool when you're dropping $300-$400 on a pair of Oliver Peoples. Thus, the inspiration for the set below.

Hats: Cover your noggin, ladies! I'm very much into the types of hats that are crushable. Literally. If I can smush it into a beach bag or suitcase and it pops out unscathed, that's a winner. I'm personally going to be searching for the perfect fedora as I have a pretty fantastic (crushable) floppy hat from Urban Outfitters from last summer.

What's on your summer time to-buy list?

June 19, 2012

Product Review: Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curl Cream, B

Since I've been traveling pretty extensively as of late, I've had the opportunity to really explore the fruits of each month's Birchbox.

Typically said products come wrapped sweetly in pink, tied with ribbon and in a size that is oh-so-airport friendly. Over the past few weeks I've taken a shining to Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curl Cream ...especially when I am literally running out the door in the morning. Throw in locks, scrunch/mess and go. This Bubblicious smelling cream offers 8 ounces for $32 on Birchbox.

More about Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curl Cream: 

Birchbox Breakdown:
It’s a cardinal curly hair rule: work with your strands, not against them. Miss Jessie’s makes that easy with this weightless styling cream, which enhances hair’s natural bounce and shape without any heaviness. Whether your hair is naturally kinky, curly, or wavy, the moisturizing formula does away with frizz and dryness. And since it’s packed full of moisturizing botanicals, it doubles as a rescue treatment for fried and over-processed hair.

How it Works:
This light-as-air cream gets to work immediately, sealing in hydration and adding shine, while also softening and strengthening each strand. The secret to the formula is its winning combo of plant extracts, including grape seed, lavender, and chestnut. You can thank an infusion of ginger flower and lime for the fresh, sweet scent.

My Review:

The Good: It's a curl cream, so if you have a fair amount of wave or curl in your hair, this product is great for a pretty sheen and soft lock of cur. It also "builds" well on dirty hair, so feel free to mist your locks with water and scrunch some of this product in to curl up.

The Bad: You have to work with this product a bit if your hair is too dry or too damp. It's also pretty pricey! 

The Verdict: B from me. Once you find the manner in which to use this curl cream, it's pretty dreamy. I had to work with it a bit in the beginning, but it's a great product for your waves/curls if you're on the go!

June 11, 2012

Celebrity Style Stalker: Emma Stone

I doubt I'm alone in saying that I have a bit of a crush on Emma Stone. She's adorable, well-spoken and a great actress. You don't see photos of her being carried out of nightclub, completely and utterly tanked. I have yet to see an inappropriate flash of a body part in any red carpet photo. She seems like one cool chick. A+, Emma.

With that being said, girlfriend also has a super cool sense of style. She's fashion forward without sporting a swan-like Bjork dress to garner attention. Usually she's rockin' some type of well-cut dress or pants with a modern spin. Like the simple but lovely ensemble below. Thus, the reason for (style) stalking Emma Stone.

Photo via:
Michael Loccisano/Getty

While I prefer her locks a lovely red, the blond suits her nicely as well. Emma is sporting a black leather top from J Brand black leather J Brand top and $95 Melinda Maria earrings. Nice. I would have liked if People.com let us know who the jeans were by, but it I'm a betting woman, I'd say J Brand as well.

With that, below is my homage to Emma's ensemble. Enjoy, stalkers, and happy shopping!

June 5, 2012

Product Review: Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation, C

I was in love with Laura Mercier's original oil free foundation. In love.

But, unfortunately, sometimes good things must come to an end and a few months back a LM rep told me that their oil free foundation was going through a revamp. Before fully committing to a full size ($42 for 1 oz) version of the revamped formula, I strolled into Sephora for a sample. Said sample lasted me about a week, so I think it's safe to say I gave the new formula a fair shake.

About LM Oil Free Supreme Foundation:

What it is: An oil-free foundation that gives skin comfortable eight-hour coverage and a naturally flawless look.

What it does: This oil-free, non-drying, lightweight formula glides on evenly on to skin and does not settle into fine lines. Its buildable coverage allows for moderate to full coverage, evening skintone while providing a soft matte finish.

What it is formulated WITHOUT: Synthetic Fragrances

My Review:

The Good: the color still rings true to the previous (original) Sunny Beige. Coverage is moderate - full and if you can blend the foundation with your face lotion/moisturizer, it can be a pretty good deal as it lasts quite a long time.  

The Bad: The new formula just doesn't blend well with my skin type. It seems a bit dry, a bit smudgy and effectively feels like it "lays" on top of my skin. Meh.

The Verdict: C overall. I truly wanted to like this LM foundation as much as the previous, but it fell short for me. I'm sticking with LM's tinted moisturizer for now.