November 30, 2009

Exhaustion, Confusion and A Really Cute Pair of Jeans

Hello all!

So, pardon my lack of posting, but among Thanksgiving, Black Friday, traveling at wee hours of the morning and Cyber Monday...I'm a-thinkin' that tomorrow should now be named "Take a Nap Tuesday". But I digress...

I will be posting some fun items and photos later this week, but I had to share a little story. And it starts in Marshall's in a suburb of Chicago...

Momma and I did a bit of last ditch shopping on Sunday afternoon and we decided to pop into her local Marshall's. We walked around a bit, shopped around the shoes (which BTW - this Marshall's carried Prada, DVF and Stuart, mine in Charlotte does not) and then I took a quick peak at the jeans - big surprise there. I found a great pair of Joe's Provocateur Jeans - and ladies, if you're on the vertically challenged, petite side -  these are amazing. I had tried them on previously, but I've never pulled the trigger. I know - you're suprised.

Anywho, these jeans fit great (BTW I did size down...just an FYI) but they were missing the button. You know...the button that pretty much pulls the jeans together...without said button you'd be pulling a Britney. Not cool.

So, my sewing skills aren't grand - but I can sew on a button. Granted - it's Marshall's and I shouldn't have to sew on this missing button...therefore Momma and I come to the grandiose conclusion (in our minds) that customer service will likely knock off $10-$20 for the lack of fastener on these cute jeans...they were on sale for $79.

We take the lovely little pair up to the customer service register and the nice young lady brings them to her manager for the discount. And she comes back and this is how the conversation ensues:

Young lady: Ok, ma' manager said we can give you one dollar off.
Coley: (thoroughly confused) Wait...I'm sorry, did you say one dollar?
Young lady: Yeah, we can sell them to you for $78.
Coley: You're discounting them one dollar.
Young lady: Yeah - do you want them?
Coley: Um, no...thanks...
Momma (as we walk out): dollar?!
Coley: I feel like I just got Punk'd at Marshall's.

And there you go. How much would you take off for the jeans button? I think my mom is still laughing...

Any funny stories to share from your retail escapades this weekend?

November 27, 2009

Oh Black Friday...and I Love Ann Taylor

So...there are Black Friday deals out there. Momma and I hit up a few stores this are some highlights:

  • Ann Tayor: 40% off everything, including sale items. The store I stopped in had tons of great markdowns and the additional 40% off made it totally worth it. I picked up the Houndstooth bistro jacket for a grand total of $46. Pretty sweet when this lovely originally retailed for $260! SCORE. I took a size 2.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods: 50% off all yoga wear. If you're a yoga fan - take a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods. Pretty much the entire selection of yoga tops, jackets and pants was 50% off - including Hard Tail.
  • J Crew: J Crack had the standard items on sale...but they had an array of Matchstick Cords for $49.50...I think. They also had those adorable stretch pearl bracelets (with the crystal orbs) on sale for $19.95, down from $29.50.
If you prefer to shop online take a look at Chloe's post detailing some great Black Friday internet steals and deals!

Happy shopping! Did you score any great deals?!

November 25, 2009

Cheap Thrills Wednesday - Turkey Edition!

Because Thanksgiving is are my Turkey Day cheap thrills....
  • Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream...nom nom nom
  • My aunt Pam's crazy-good cranberry cobbler/relish/deliciousness
  • My mom's snowy sour-creme induced mashed taters - hey mom, you making those?
  • My dad's love for Da never ceases to entertain me...more points if Da Coach is a commentator
  • Watching all the crazies line up at Best Buy at the butt crack of dawn on Friday morning... Polyvore set is full of lovely and affordable items and as always, every item is $25 or less! If you're out shopping for others this weekend - God Speed - and pick up a little somethin' for yourself!


Cheap Thrills

Items in this set:

November 24, 2009

Deja Shoe?

I have been positively craving these gorrrgeous boots by Charles David, the style name is Buckles. I really enjoy the all black version.

However, these lovelies range from $130-$175 online, and that's just a bit much for trendy boots.

So, as I relinquished the dream of owning these beauties, until I spied these puppies on

Oh...and did I mention they are only $26.50. Will they be comfortable? Probably not. Will they be well-constructed? For $26.50, I doubt it.

Regardless, I am now waiting for them to arrive at my door. I can imagine these lovely little boots over skinnies, under jeans, over tights...ah...the possibilities are *almost* endless.

November 23, 2009

Momma Wants Some Brown, Flat Boots

As I was talking to my lovely mother this weekend, who just bought her first pair of skinny jeans - yay for mom, she told me she is currently on the prowl (my verbiage) for some flat, brown boots. So, momma - this post is for you!

I capped the boot price at $ here are a few options for those of you looking for a good pair o' boots for a great deal!


Brown Boots for Momma

Items in this set:

November 21, 2009

Honey, Put DOWN that Coupon

Normally I don't post on the weekend, but I just had to share...

Oh dear husband. We talked about this a few weeks ago. He occasionally makes the error in judgement (see "Shop Blockin"), but today he tried to throw away my J Crew coupon. He picked up the little red 20% off of ANY size order (that you can find in your J Crew catalog btw!) and started walking towards the kitchen. Here's how it went down:

Todd: What's this, babe? (as he picks up the little red treasure)

Coley: That's my J Crew's 20% off! (smiles)

Todd: Oh, but you don't need that....isn't there a minimum or something? (continues to walk away with the treasure)

Coley: UM, no, there is not a minimum, so please put DOWN my coupon (giving him the stink eye)

Todd: it. Putting coupon down. You should go blog about that.

Coley: I think I just may....thank you. (smiles sweetly)

So, kids, moral of the story...don't shop block me and don't you dare thief my coupons. Again, take a dive into your J Crew catalogues for a 20% of coupon for any size order at through November 29.


November 20, 2009

WTF Friday Extravaganza!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Get excited, because today's edition of WTF Friday has three offenders. That's right! And here...we....go!

First up is Chloe Sevigny. Ok, I like the Prada skirt...I would like it even more if it were shorter. But...what's with the open t-shirt and bra-a-blazin'? Did I miss the memo that this is a new trend? WTF Chloe....let's keep the bra where it was originally intended to be, covered by a shirt. It kinda reminds me of know, when he rips apart his shirt to reveal the "S", except this ensemble is anything but super.

Next up is Leighton Meester.'s not Halloween, so the hooker costume and clown makeup don't really apply. Leighton, you are such a pretty girl, WTF? There is nothing wrong with a chic leather dress (remember Angelina Jolie's Michael Kors dress?), nor do I have a problem with red lips or smokey eye makeup. But Ms. Meester, life if about choices, and this was not a great opportunity to select "all of the above". Her hair sure looks pretty, though!

And last up is Sharon Stone. WTF, she sporting a combo of The Penguin (Batman 2) and a curtain that was yanked out of a psychic reading room. Leather trench, leather gloves and hat...oh, yes...purple lips and a fishtail, transparent dress would look just puuurfect. Not so much, Sharon. Please fire your stylist.

That's it! Any WTF commentary to include?

November 18, 2009

Cheap Thrills Wednesday!

Oh happy day...we're halfway through the work week. I contemplated long and hard about my non-fashion cheap thrills to offer up this week and here's what I came up with:
  • When a complete stranger holds open the door from me and genuinely says, "Good morning!" That just doesn't happen enough!
  • Work expense checks. Yeah, yeah...I know they owe me the money anyway, but it's a nice surprise every month. Maybe because I forget about them...
  • Starbucks Hot Chocolate...and Pumpkin Spice Lattes...and about one million other drinks. There's nothing like a delicious toasty drink on a cool day.
Now on to closet cravings that are oh-so wallet friendly! Every item in the set below can be purchased for less than $25! I'm really digging that black satin bow cute would that look over a holiday dress?!

Any cheap thrills you care to share?

Cheap Thrills

November 16, 2009

Holiday Gear to Spread Chic Cheer

Hi all!

So, I started thinking about holiday parties, and then I naturally thought about shopping. Holiday gear is always so pretty, so shiny, so lovely, but I really only wear that shiz once or twice and then it sits in my closet, forever.

Therefore, instead of blowing $200 on an entire holiday outfit, I thought of utilizing some well-established pieces and just purchase a fun skirt to polish up a new holiday look!

What you will need: black tights, simple black sweater/turtleneck and black booties/heels. The Polyvore set below features just a few fabulous (and affordable) skirts that would look just smashing for any holiday fete.

What do you think? Have any holiday looks in mind?
Holiday Ease

Items in this set:
Vince top, $95

November 13, 2009

WTF Friday: Bad Makeup & She's Just Being Miley

Happy Friday all!

WTF Friday...first up is Ms. LeAnn Rimes. The dress she was sportin' at the CMAs was pretty....her makeup, not so much. Quite literally, my husband asked me - "Hey babe, WTF is wrong with her face?" Bad sign, LeAnn. Ease up on the shadow! I like a good, smokey eye, but this looked like a black eye. Not hot.

And then there's Miley. WTF. Ok, I understand that patterned tights are in. But, Miley, girlfriend, your outfit looks like a cross between Kurt Cobain circa 1993 and Madonna circa 1983, not a good look for you, or anyone for that matter. I know she's just being Miley, partying in the USA, but she needs to ease up and dress her age.

Any WTFs to share?

November 11, 2009

Cheap Thrills Wednesday!

Hi everyone!

It's Cheap Thrills Wednesday! Below is a set filled with cute items, each less than $25!

As for my own cheap thrills...I love Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Orange Fanta chapstick. Odd, yes. Smells delicious, YES.

What's your cheap thrill of the week?

Cheap Thrills: Each Item Less Than $25

November 9, 2009

UPDATE: Banana Republic, Old Navy & Gap Give to Get is BACK! 30% off!

UPDATE: If you want an invitation, send me an email! I have 20 left to send :)

Hey all!

For those of you who emailed and posted about the half marathon - thanks for your well wishes! It went great and I'm just about ready to nap. But before I get to that...

On November 12 - 15, Old Navy, Banana Republic and GAP are (again) offering their Give to Get promo that gets you 30% of all purchases!
Plus, 5% off all purchases are given to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Gotta love when your shopping helps others :)

This is a fabulous deal, especially for the quickly approaching holiday season.


Product Review: Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray

Happy Monday, all! Again with the oxymoron... :)

So, time for a product review! Normally I don't spring for super duper expensive hair products, BUT, long story short, an acquaintance and employee of Frederick Fekkai gifted me with an incredible bag of sample products (with no knowledge of my blog). Um, that was an AMAZING surprise.

Anywho...inside the incredible bag of love was Frederick Fekkai's Sheer Hold Hairspray. Now, I know it's $23 for 5.8 oz., but surrrriously, this stuff is fabulous, especially if you're sporting waves or curls. It smells nice, infuses your hair with bounce and volume and it just all around amazing. No stickiness or dryness whatsoever. Holy grail of hairspray.

This product alone is making me wonder what my mop has been missing...

So, will I spring for the entire Fekkai line? Probably not, because it's migh-tay expensive, but I will most likely spring for this hairspray - it's pretty fabulous.

This spray gets an A- for me, the only reason the minus is there, is because of the price! But overall, it's a mane-saver.

What's your indulgent hair product?

November 6, 2009

WTF Friday: Lindsay Lohan...AGAIN

Photo via: Gareth Cattermole/Getty

Oh Lindsay...girlfriend get it together. This edition of WTF features Ms. Lohan, yet again, looking a mess. Yikes.

Did she thief grandma's nightie, rip it up and make a fug tunic? Because that's what it looks like. I will say, at least her makeup looks a bit better than it has in other recent pics. But those clunky brown, open toe shoe-booties are just fugly...could she have found a worse color to pair with that dress?! Doubt it.

I really don't get this ensemble...ack. WTF, Lindsay?

Any WTF Friday items to contribute?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: I'll be running my first (and I must say, VERY hilly) half marathon tomorrow morning, so I highly doubt I'll be posting until Monday, as I'm sure everything will be hurtin and napping will take priority'!

November 4, 2009

Wednesday Fun: Cheap Thrills

I love cheap thrills. Free suckers (lollipops), a new lipstick, Welch's grape soda and really, really bad movies (Step Up 2).

As many of you know, I also like affordable fashion. There's nothing better than updating your wardrobe with an affordable piece. That's why I'm going to offer up a new Wednesday series - Cheap Thrills.

In the Polyvore set below every item is less than $25! Chasing Davies featured those adorable suede mary janes during her recent trip to Target, see her review here. For $20 (on sale!), those heels are a steal.

And...I own the scarf that's featured in the set below. It's a great layering piece, especially for just $9.80.

What's your favorite cheap thrill?

Do you like this new Wednesday series?

Cheap Thrills: Cute Buys Under $25

Items in this set:

November 3, 2009

Celebrity Style Stalker: Reese Witherspoon

Oh Reese Witherspoon, your clothing choices over the past three years have been perfection. Ever since she sported that gorgeous yellow Nina Ricci dress in January 2007...

And then she pulls out this fab L'Wren Scott number last pretty is this sheath?!

Photo via: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

In honor of Ms. Witherspoon's incredible printed sheath dresses...

Kimchi & Blue at ShopStyle

Enjoy - Happy Monday!

November 2, 2009

Dear Husband: Stop Shop-Blockin' Me!

Oh good fun this Todd and I were frolicking through Target, yes, frolicking, I decided to take a look at the new dresses and sweaters that made their way into the store. After he patiently waited a few minutes, we and our cart shimmied, well maybe I just shimmied, onward towards the shoe section where he did the unthinkable....he SHOP BLOCKED me with the cart.

Yes, I'm copyrighting it, "shop blocked" similar to the inappropriate phrase that describes a dude who gets in the way of another dude who's trying to score with a girl...

But in my case...Todd got between me and Target merchandise. Baaad move. You just don't shop block Coley. Write that down.

Nonetheless, we had a good laugh and I ended up with the gray Target Sherpa hoodie among 95 other things that we, of course, needed in Target. After a second look in the store, I actually enjoy the contrasting "sherpa" and stiching on the gray hoodie. It looks vintage-y.

Like McDonald's says...I'm lovin' it. Just don't shop block me.

Happy Monday!