August 31, 2009

Online Retailer Review:, A-

Over the past year or so, I've seen many ads for The website touts "mod, indie and retro clothing", but upon a deeper look, the website offers up an array of cute clothing and accessories that remind me of a cross between Anthropologie and

It seems as if ModCloth only carries a select number of sizes in each garment. Even though it looks like they receive new inventory every day, it you see something you like, you better snatch it up in your size right away!

The website layout is pretty user-friendly and the return policy is fairly, standard (30 days with tags for most items). The only suggestion/recommendation I have for those running ModCloth is to include a "wait list" option for those items that fly out of the store too quickly. There were a few items that were out of my size that I wish I had the opportunity to order.

Also, if the store won't be restocking a particular item, take it off the website. There is nothing worse that spotting a great item, only to see that it is sold out! What a tease.

Pricing is pretty moderate across the board, with most dresses $50-$100, tops $25-$60, bottoms $35-$75, shoes $30-$100 and outerwear $40-$110. earns an A- from my first look!

Here's a Polyvore set of some adorable pieces that I found at ModCloth.
By the way, that fur vest is not really fur, it's completely vegan!
Doesn't it look like it came straight out of Rachel Zoe's closet?
I bet I'll be ordering from this site very soon!

Have you every ordered from ModCloth? What do you think?

August 30, 2009

Celebrity Style Stalker: Michelle Tratchtenberg

Image via: Theo Wargo/Getty

Hello all! Today's edition of Celebrity Style Stalker features the lovely Michelle Tratchenberg in a fabulous Alice & Olivia black jumpsuit carrying a massive, hot pink patent clutch. Now, jumpsuits/jumpers/rompers are definitely not for everyone, but I think she wears this one very well. It's a classy mash up of a woman's tuxedo/suit and a cocktail dress!

In honor of this fab outfit, below is my affordable Polyvore set following trend.

What do you think? Would you rock a jumpsuit? If so, for which occasion?

Celebrity Style Stalker: Michelle Tratchenberg

August 28, 2009

FALLing in Love with Colored Tights

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm sure many of you, like me, are getting excited for fall so you can start sporting thick, luxurious sweaters, leather boots and my new favorite, colored tights!

I remember when I was young, I loved colored and patterned tights. I seriously recall one pair that had multi-colored jelly beans all over them. Yes, I'm sure I looked awesome.

Colored tights can really pull together a great look for fall. I've seen offered tights in all shades of Joseph's amazing technicolor dream coat. What's up Donny!

Anyway...I'm digging deep purple tights with a medium gray dress, slate gray tights with a black pencil skirt and mustard yellow tights with a rich teal dress. Of course, matching your shoes to your tights will make your legs super long, so keep that in mind when playing with color.

Just keep your entire look clean and structured, too many bright colors will ensure that you look like a hot mess a la Avril Lavigne. Unless you're going for that sort of thing...

Here's a Polyvore that showcases my love for colored tights!
Love for Colored Tights

Are you falling in love with colored tights?

August 27, 2009

Celebrity Style Stalker: Ana Ortiz

Jemal Countess/Getty
Hello all! Today's post features some celebrity stalking with Ana Ortiz from "Ugly Betty". Ana is sporting an adorable black tulip skirt, draped white top, black peep toes and tomato red clutch. Below is my, surely, much cheaper option.

August 26, 2009

Forever 21 Finds...

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Below is just a little taste of some Forever 21 cuteness. As always, F21 can offer up some adorable, trendy items. Sometimes these items are substantial and sometimes they are just crap.

No promises with the items in this set, but I love the juxtaposition between the lace top and the faux leather jacket, don't you? Plus, the entire outfit rings in around $100. Not bad for a trendy fall outfit!

I'd really like to see this top in person, as it looks really versatile...underneath a leather jacket, boyfriend blazer, cardigan, etc.

Which trendy items for fall do you think have staying power? 
Forever 21 Finds

August 25, 2009

Product Review: Philosophy "Purity" Facewash, A

Happy Tuesday! We are all one more day closer to Friday. Hooray.

Up today is a fabulous facewash that I have been using for a few years, Philosophy's Purity. I cannot praise this facewash enough. It strips off makeup (including eye makeup) but still leaves your skin super clean and soft. It also has a nice, clean scent that I adore.

To buy this fabulous facewash, I would typically recommend visiting Nordstroms or Sephora. However, finding the need to re-order, I decided that I need the largest bottle of Purity that I could find, the 32 oz. big mama jug o' facewash. Instead of flocking back to Ebay where I bought my first jug of Purity two years ago, I visited Philosophy's website. And there she was, $42.50 for 32 oz. of facewash love.

If you're ordering anything from Philosophy online, make sure to do a quick check for coupon codes - there are plenty out there. Oh, and by the way, the 24 oz. bottle is $, yeah, go ahead and spring for the extra 8 oz. for $2.50.

So, I love this facewash. It works well for all skin types, smells great, leaves my skin super soft and the jumbo bottle lasted for two years. That's a damn good buy if I ever found one and a perfect every day face wash. This product earns a solid A from me!

Have you ever tried any of Philosophy's products?

August 24, 2009

Fall Wishlist...What's Yours?

Fall is my favorite season. Not only do I love the sound of crunching leaves, running on a cool morning and going to football games, but I also love fall clothing and shoes. Below is my running list of fall items that I am currently craving...

I *try* to shop according to my list, but we all know that rarely happens!
  • Cognac boots
  • Black suede booties
  • Patterned wrap dresses
  • Leather or faux leather jacket
  • Lightweight scarves
  • Gray suede pumps
  • Black boyfriend blazer
  • Thick wrap sweaters
  • Bold bags
Here's a Polyvore set of a few items that are on my fall wishlist....
Coley's Fall Wishlist

What are you craving for fall?

August 22, 2009

I'm Baaack and Check Out the Coach Leather Goods...

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to throw out a quick hello and let you all know that I'm back from a fantastic vacation. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed plenty of eating, beaching and partaking in delicious drinks.

Back to reality I go, though!

I did have time to check out the great Tanger Outlet while I was taking a few hours off from the beach and pool. One of my major scores was at the Coach Outlet where I found a lovely black, Madison Foldover leather clutch marked down to $50 from $258.

As soon as I saw her, I almost wanted to yell, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!...but I held back and tried NOT to embarrass my husband. I'm sure he appreciated the sentiment. The photos below are borrowed from an old Ebay listing, since I cannot find my camera in the mess that is currently my house.

And here she is....what do you think?

August 17, 2009

Nailing a Timeout from a Beautiful Vacation

Hi everyone!

So, as I suspected, absolutely NO internet access at the beach house. And normally, that would not be a bad thing, but it does require me to hit up Starbucks for a short bit of time to blog!

Charleston is gorgeous and the weather has been warm and sunny - couldn't ask for anything better. In the midst of relaxation, my good friend Cathy whipped out some new OPI colors to freshen up our manicures. She brought out the lovely "Senoritas" four pack from OPI's Espana Collection.

I'm rocking out the deep gray "Suzi Skis the Pyrenees" and Cathy's enjoying the "No Spain No Gain", which is the deeper of the two pinks, I believe. All three are great shades that easily transition from summer to fall. And, I love the mini polishes...probably because I NEVER finish a whole bottle.

BoldEveryone loves a little OPI - what do you think of the "Senoritas"?

I'm hoping to post again on Wednesday or Thursday!

August 14, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'm Leaving, Tomorrow...

Photo via:

Many of you may recall that I've been looking forward to vacation for months...and I'm leaving TOMORROW! Can you tell I'm just a bit excited?!

I'm going to try to thief an internet connection while I'm down in Charleston to post some lovely photos and fashion goodness. But, just in case I am unable to post - have a GREAT weekend/week and I look forward to blogging as soon as possible!

Just for a little taste before I about a few super cute affordable wonders.

Button Trim Leatherette Boots,, $33.1o
Aren't these smmmmmokin'?

Pleat Trim Cardigan Sweater,, $24.80
Thanks to Anthroholic for pointing out this lovely sweater!

Chic Choice Dress,, $32
Completely adorable.


Fierce Fierce...Christian Siriano's Makeup Line for Victoria's Secret

Oh, how I remember Christian Siriano on Project Runway. Fierce. Hot mess. Tranny fierce. Fierce, fierce, fierce.

Photo via: RETNA Ltd.

Siriano just released his eponymous, exclusive AND limited-edition makeup line for Victoria's Secret. He was also pimping it out yesterday morning on The Today Show. As a makeup junkie, I have to say this line looks fairly fierce. The Silky Eye Shadow comes in some fun colors, speckled with shimmer. Although I haven't tried it, for $12 it may be a worthwhile purchase.

His other items are moderately priced and the packaging looks very expensive - think Dior. I definitely want to try the Kajal Eyeliner, also $12. It's a kohl-based liner which would be great for creating that smoldering, smoky effect.

It will be interesting to see how his line fares. While I'm sure his friendship with Heidi Klum inspired this exclusive agreement with Victoria's Secret, I think this line could have had great potential in Sephora because of his high-fashion status.

Have you seen Christian Siriano's makeup line in person? What do you think?

August 13, 2009

Banana Republic 25% Off, Today Only

If you want to use this promo in-store, just send me an email and I'll forward over the invite!


As Skee-Lo Says....I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller

... I wish I was a baller...yada yada. But seriously, I DO wish I was just a little bit taller, then I could easily sport fun shoes with thick ankle straps like these at

These Anne Michelle Fume 69 Cage Heels are a steal at $26.50. In my opinion, shoes like these look much better on those with height and/or longer legs. Unfortunately, I have a short torso and short legs, if that's even possible! But I'm sure many of you would look just fabulous in them. Don't forget, the code FACEBOOK FAN still gets you 15% off at!

What do you think of these shoes? Fab or fug?

August 12, 2009

My Love to Essie's Flirty Fuchsia

Since the beach is just around the corner (can you tell I'm excited?!), I popped into Polished today for a mani/pedi. I chose a bright, almost neon, pink polish that just screams summer, even though the season is almost over (tear!).

Below shows a quick view of Essie's "Flirty Fuchsia" and I highly recommend it! Probably not the best choice for fall...but perfect for a beach vacation.

Riley wasn't really too interested in my nails...he gets all cranky and depressed when I take the luggage out of the closet. I think he knows he's not coming with!

And then I felt guilty, so I asked him if he wanted a TREAT?! I took the 90 degree head tilt as a resounding, "Yes!".

August 11, 2009 Sale Going on Tonight


If you're a night owl, or you are just sick of watching infomercials, check out tonight from 8 p.m. EST - 12 midnight. I don't frequent Kohl's very often, but the Simply Vera line, by Vera Wang, usually has some pretty cute items.

I took a quick peruse and pretty much all Simply Vera Wang clothing items are already on sale, and all Simply Vera jewelry is 25-30% off. With the code(s) above you'll be able to get an additional 15-20% off.

Here's a quick Polyvore set with a few Simply Vera jewelry favorites. Remember, if you click on the Polyvore, the prices shown are BEFORE the additional 15-20% off. Enjoy!

Simply Vera Kohl's Jewelry

Thank You Ralph for These Lovely Shoes

Ah, new shoes. At least my addictions are all based upon consumer goods. :) I picked up these lovely little wedges at Off Broadway for $38, they are the Celestine wedges from Ralph Lauren's less expensive line, Lauren. And I have to say, because the straps are stretchy, these shoes look so much better on than they do all alone in the box.

I love a well-stocked clearance's like panning for gold. You will likely run into plenty of ugly rocks and pebbles, but when you find gold, the skies part and that little ray of sunshine beams down on those lovely pair of shoes. Yes, I exaggerate, but these wedges are not only adorable, but they are also very, very comfortable. I can't wait to wear them on the beach in just a few days!

And, although it is the end of the summer season, I think these little wedges will transition well into next summer, too. If you're looking for a pair for yourself, these beauties are currently on sale on the Ralph Lauren website for $39.99 down from $79.00. They are offered in silver, black and bronze.

What do you think of these wedges?

August 10, 2009

Fab Flower Jewelry Giveaway

One of my daily reads, The Chloe Conspiracy, is giving away five loverly Simply Vera Wang bracelets. Visit her fabulous blog and enter to win one here!

Gotta love free goods! :) Good luck!

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Photo via: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

I saw this photo of Kim Kardashian at the Teen Choice Awards...and, no, it's not a wig this time. Kim is now blonde.

I've always wondered what I would look like as a blonde. I mean sure, I've tiptoed my way around blonde with intense highlights and sun damage, but I've pretty much always stayed true to the dark side. ha

What do you think of Kim's new look? Doesn't she remind you a bit of Guiliana Ransic from E! with the blonde hair?

August 9, 2009

Product Review: Tigi Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Creme, A-

Today's review focuses on a product that I've used for a few years now that is great for the (very few) days that I "style" my hair.

Tigi's Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Creme is, obviously a cream based product, that works great for smoothing hair while adding some nice volume and sheen. It's not too greasy, and you only need a dab to soften and smooth fly-aways and add polish for straight or wavy styles. Plus, the is has a nice, non-offensive scent.

For 3.4 fl. oz., is selling this product for $12.59, a great price considering it retails for $20.99. Although its a bit pricey, this size will last quite a while.

Overall, Tigi Bed Head After-Party gets an A- for me, great product, nice results but just a bit expensive. Buy it on sale and it earns an A!

August 8, 2009

Celebrity Style Stalker: Jennifer Aniston

Photo Via: Peterson/BuzzPhoto/FilmMagic

Oh Jennifer Aniston - you always look so casually cool. Today's edition of Celebrity Style Stalker features Jennifer Aniston on the set of her movie "Bounty Hunter". I love this look, it's casual yet refined. Like an expensive beach vacation - ha!

For shoe fiends, like me, Jen's espadrille wedges are Stuart Weitzman for Scoop...and I can't find them anywhere online. Probably a blessing in disguise.
Below is my Polyvore set that is (likely) far less expensive than Aniston's look here.
What do you think of Jen's look?

August 7, 2009

The One (or many) That Got Away....J Crew Mica Mini

Don't you just hate it when you try on, or just see something online, that is gorgeous, beautiful that you just have to have it? But you just don't pull the trigger.

You choose to wait, citing lack of funds, or you don't really "need" the item in question, yada, yada. But then, days later after reconsidering, you really feel as if your life will not be complete without this item in question. You stealthily return back to the store, or check online, and discover that the item is gone, out of stock, never to return again.

Although many savvy shopper may attribute this to "it just wasn't meant to be", I think that's a load of crap. I think I just hesitated too long. Booooooooo!

So, in honor of the one (or the many that got away), post your item that got away. Mine, for the day, is the Mica Mini from J Crew. They no longer have it in my size online and my B&Ms are totally sold out of them, tear.

Share your loss... :)

August 6, 2009

Celebrity Style Stalker: Ashley Simpson's Romper

Happy Thursday!

Today's post stalks Ashley Simpson's style at a recent event. She was sporting an adorable blue romper, chain necklaces and chunky black platforms.

Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

I think this blue romper from is a great alternative to Ashley's (likely) pricey option. At $34, it's completely affordable. PLUS, if you use the code FACEBOOK FAN, you can knock off 20%. I'm not sure how long that code is valid for, but has some adorable clothing at very palatable prices.

What do you think of my Ashley copy?Celebrity Style Stalker - Ashley Simpson

Celebrity Style Stalker - Ashley Simpson by Coley's Closet Cravings featuring Jessica Simpson shoes

August 5, 2009

Holy Cuteness, Hollister...Am I 17 Again?

So, I remember when I was in high school and early college and Hollister and Abercrombie were *the* top spots to get your jeans and summer wear. Since then, I really haven't step foot into a Hollister for fear that I would have the urge to purchase destroyed jeans and a Hawaiian tank.

However, I checked out Hollister's website the other day, and there are some very cute items there that would actually look bode well for adults! Some of these blazers and jackets are reminiscent of J Crew.

The jacket in the upper left hand corner reminds me of a cross between J Crew's Downtown Field Jacket and the Poplin Cargo Jacket. Here's a few items that I thought were super if I could only find a way to yank off that Hollister seagull logo...

What do you think?

Holy Cuteness, Hollister

Yet Another Friends & Family Promo...Express

Hello all!

This Friday and Saturday Express will be running its Friends and Family Sale, which will save you 20% online and in-store. The online code is 3715, and if you're looking for the in-store coupon, just email me and I'll send it over!

August 4, 2009

Today at Gilt: Amrita Singh and Cynthia Steffe

Among others, is featuring the gorgeous designs from Cynthia Steffe and incredible jewelry from Amrita Singh. I featured a pair of Amrita's earrings in this post a few weeks ago.

I own one Amrita Singh necklace and I love it. She creates fun, trendy jewelry that make for great statement pieces. On the pieces currently range from $30 - $125. Also, everything on sale from Cynthia Steffe is under $150!

Because doesn't allow for photo imports, you'll have to go take a look for yourself! If you need an invite to Gilt, click here!

Polyvore Love...Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

As promised yesterday, I created a little Polyvore set that features two adorable looks from Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft. Click on the set below for pricing and details for all the pieces.
Don't forget, the Friends & Family Promo starts tomorrow. Details can be found here. Feel free to email me if you need an invite!

What do you think? Isn't that sheath on the left so cute?!

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft FF Promo

August 3, 2009

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT FF 30% Off Promo Code

Hello all!

From Wednesday, August 5 - Sunday, August 9, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft are running their Friends and Family Sale. The code FRIENDS30 will knock off 30% online.

Just present the invitation for 30% off in-store at Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor Loft. The code also gets your 15% off at any Ann Taylor factory outlet! Feel free to email me if you want the invitation.

Thanks to my beautiful momma for the original email with the invite!

Look for a super stylin' Polyvore tomorrow featuring a few items from Ann Taylor Loft!

August 2, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans Are Not For Me...But Blazers Are!

So, after a lovely weekend with my mom, I have decided, I just don't think boyfriend jeans are for me. I've tried GAP, Current/Elliott, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Madewell.

After my plight, my husband finally said to me, "Babe, not all jean styles were meant for everyone." He may have a point. Just maybe.

Here's a quick review of a few pairs at just a few stores...

Madewell Boyfriend Jeans
For those of you who are near a Madewell, their boyfriend jeans, like many others, run enormous. Again, I know they are supposed to be a relaxed fit, but I don't want to propose a search and rescue mission for my butt.

I tried on a 25 at Madewell and they fit the best out of lot, but not enough to make a purchase. I must say though, the new Madewell store in Charlotte is very nice.

GAP Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans
I tried on a 0 today and while they fit much better than a 2, they just didn't look great. the 2 had too much slouch, the 0 not enough. Plus, I was not digging the whiskering on the front.

Old Navy Weekend Jeans
The 2 fit ok, but nothing groundbreaking. I looked sloppy, not trendy.

So, for now, I give up my search. I did, however, score a gorgeous white blazer from Banana Republic, on sale PLUS my 30% off...I only paid $52 for that puppy. Here she is! I went with a size 0 and it looks great.

How was your weekend? Any shopping successes?

Product Review: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, A

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I wanted to offer up a quick product review for one of my favorite skin products - Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion. Usually my skin behaves pretty well, but every now and then a little bugger crops up.

Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion is amazing. I dot this magic potion on any offending spots before I go to bed and they look significantly better the next day. Now, this little wonder isn't cheap but it lasts forever. 1 oz. retails for $17. You can find it at Mario Badescu's website, Nordstroms and many other places.

Give this little wonder a try - it's incredible. Thanks to my friend Julia for introducing me to this fabulous product a few years ago - I've been using it ever since! This product gets an A from me!

Have you ever used Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion?