October 30, 2009

Real Life Style Swap: Target Sherpa Hoodie for J. Crew Sherpa Hoodie

I love my J. Crew Sherpa hoodie, but unless that baby is on sale, I can't stomach paying $69.50 for a sweatshirt. But guess what? Target is selling a VERY similar product, also made with Sherpa fleece!

The Target version is also called the Sherpa Hoodie and is in stores and online for $20. It comes in all sorts of colors...black, white, burgundy, teal, gray, etc. The teal and the gray aren't quite as fetching, in my opinion, because of the contrast stitching, but to each her own!

Below is a photo of me trying on the Target Sherpa Hoodie in Black in a size Small. It's super soft and cuddly and since it's the Merona brand it fits pretty true to size, if a bit large. I would go with a small for myself, as some of my things tend to make it into the dryer even if I don't intend them to!

And because I promised....here are a few shots of my gorrrgeous Ciao Bella Toni boots in Brick leather. I.love.them.so.much.

Have a great weekend!

WTF Friday: J. Crew Gwen Dress

Ok, now, before I reveal my WTF Friday, I preface it by saying, I love J. Crew. I really do. I think they make great pieces.

Now, my WTF Friday is this lovely dress at J. Crew. I don't say WTF because of the design - I think it's so chic, seriously. My issue is that is $2,000. Yes. That's right, 2 grand. J. Crew. Whaaat?

J Crack...is this dress slathered in diamond chips? Or perhaps you're leasing out some online space to Chanel?

I understand that the first lady loves her some J Crizzle, but $2,000?!? It's not a wedding dress. It's a cocktail dress. If you want to make couture, create a design house brand or outsource that talent.

Any WTF comments to contribute?

October 28, 2009

Nifty New "Be the Buyer" Option on Modcloth.com

So, I've offered up my love for modcloth.com before, and now they have infused their website with even more shopping fun!

If you visit modcloth.com, you can "Be the Buyer" and select items that you think should be created for their site. GENIUS...a site that is truly listening to its customers!

You have to sign up online to "Be the Buyer", but I think it's totally worth it. Plus, if you're worried about getting tons o' emails, just click the little box that ensure that you don't subscribe!

Bravo to Modcloth...I hope they keep it up!

This is one of the samples that I really think they should make...how cute is this dress?!

October 26, 2009

Real Life Review: Ciao Bella "Toni" Riding Boots, A

Ciao Bella at ShopStyle

I love me some leather riding boots. I've been on the prowl for a pair of cognac leather boots for some time now, and I found a fab option.

I ordered these Ciao Bella Toni riding boots in Brick and I am LOVING them. Not only is the leather super soft, but the color is gorgeous and the boots are so comfortable. They have a cushy, padded foot bed and zip up the back. After searching for some time, I found it very difficult to find a pair of real leather boots that were even close to affordable and versatile at the same time. At $120 (after a coupon code), these fit the bill.

These lovelies are on sale at Bluefly.com as well as Shoes.com. Make sure you search for coupon codes before you buy! These great boots earn an A from me!

I'll post some pics of these boots in action later this week!

Happy Monday!

October 23, 2009

WTF Friday: Jaime King

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Oh Jaime King...you're such a cute girl. Why, oh why, oh why, would you pull a ensemble like this?!

Girlfriend, WTF. The Something About Mary hair is REALLY not ready for a comeback. The Marc Jacobs dress is just hanging on your teeny, tiny fame and the makeup is OOC.

I think it's time for an intervention. Say it with me..."I will no longer sport '90s style, Donald Trump combovers with too-big couture."

Jaime is just one scrunchie away from Save By the Bell prom.

What do you think? Any WTFs to add this week?

October 22, 2009

Shiny, Happy Sequins Everywhere

Sequins can be scary. Shiny, sparkly little things that can be so reminiscent of Solid Gold dancers! But now, sequins are a bit more refined, showing up in classy clutches, sassy vests and all types of blazers. The great thing about these little shiny pieces of joy is that, in today's fashion, you can sport these for all types of occasions.

I like a sequined tank under a long boyfriend blazer and skinny black pants. You could also dress up a plain, white v-neck with a slouchy sequined vest, stacked heels and flared jeans.

How would you sport sequins?
Sequins For Everyone

October 21, 2009

Product Review: Physician's Formula Organic Tinted Moisturizer, D+ and a Better Option...

Product review time! Now, I really don't like to offer up not-so-stellar reviews, but I don't want any of you to waste your precious cash on craptastic products!

I was originally intrigued by Physician's Formula new organic wear line. I mean, what's not to love? I like organic, it's probably good for my face and the environment...and, hell, it was buy one get one 50% off. I'm a sucker for a new product and a deal. So I went for it and purchased the "Light to Natural" shade of their Organic Tinted Moisturizer.

First off, the smell is herby/medicinal. It's supposed to be lavender with other natural overtones, but I did not enjoy. I originally thought that if the product, color, and coverage were decent, I could handle the smell. Well, the moisturizer itself is super runny and the coverage just kind of sits on your face, i.e. I looked shiny and unnatural. Not hot.

So, I have a full tube of a smelly, runny product. The only bright spots are that, A) it's all natural, so I'm sure that's good in the long run and B) it had SPF 15. This one gets a D+ from me!

I will say, though, I'm a little biased as I think Laura Mercier makes the best tinted moisturizer. It makes your skin look nice and dewy and smells just peachy (not literally). The only issue with this option is that it's $42 for 1.7 oz. OUCH.

Looking for an in-between option? Splurge on Laura Mercier's oil-free foundation, which is $42 for 1 oz., BUT you can easily mix small amounts of the foundation with your daily moisturizer. I have done this for over one year now and this MUCH cheaper option looks just as good as the original LM Tinted Moisturizer.

What's your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer?

October 19, 2009

Faux Fo' Sho'!

Happy Monday!

Faux fur....it's all over the place. From Rachel Zoe's QVC line to JCPenney...faux fur vests, jackets, stoles are everywhere! And I like it.

And how about this adorable trench...and the fur collar is removable!

Below is a Polyvore set with a few cute faux items. I'm really diggin' the faux fur vest from American Eagle, shown in the upper right corner.

What do you think? Would you fo' sho' sport faux?
Faux Fo Sho!

October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and loving mother I could ever ask for! Love you momma!

Eat some cake! Nom Nom Nom!

WTF Friday: Taylor Momsen and Random Attack

Photo credit: Dimitrious Kambouris/Getty Images

Taylor Momsen is 16. No, I did not mistype that...she is 16. Why, oh why, is such a lovely young lady dressing like offspring of Madonna and Marilyn Manson? Sure, she wants to be "edgy" and "cool", but girlfriend you look like you belong at a Godsmack concert. Not that there's anything wrong with that...but I don't think that's her schtick.

Don't get me wrong, I think Taylor is adorable. And I like black, I like lace, I even, occasionally, like dark eye makeup. But, throw them all together, amplify by 10 and it's a hot mess. WTF, Taylor...fire your goth stylist.

Not a visual WTF item, but...on Wednesday, while the talented and (reportedly) very sweet Leona Lewis was signing her autobiography in a London bookstore, a man jumped out of line and SLAPPED her in the head! WTF?!

I know celebrities inspire craziness...like going on random LA tours to see where the stars live, insane paparazzo and itty bitty Chihauahas in handbags, but to assault an innocent person...out of line, doucher. Glad he's in custody. Note to the douche bag: we all have to wait in lines, there is no "fast pass" to see Leona Lewis.

Any WTF Friday items to contribute?!

October 15, 2009

Awards for Friendly Bloggers & One Gorgeous Wedding Guest Look for Fall

First off...thanks to Chasing Davies for awarding me this fab blog honor! Her site is always filled with fun shoes, accessories and great insight. More info on the award below  - thanks again, Chasing, I'm honored!

Blogs that receive the Let’s Be Friends Award are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.

I would like to honor the following blogs with the LBF award as well!

Anthroholic - She always looks adorable, but also offers great styling advise to her followers!

LookforLess - FABULOUS reviews and offerings to truly get luxe looks for less!

The Chloe Conspiracy - Great IRL photos and hilarious stories. Such a joy to read.

Fabulous Florida Mommy - A great lady and a fantastic stylist. Her looks are always polished and perfected. And she's just a fabulous person to boot!

Oh, don't we feel all warm and toasty now?! I feel like bursting into "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"...you know...the one in the Lion King...the one by Elton John.....yeah....that's right. Good times.

I also wanted to offer up a gorgeous dress (and outfit) for a late fall/winter wedding.

As my best friend Nicole, would say, "How stinking cute!" is this dress at Modcloth.com?! 

And...it's only $83!

Pair this lovely with some black tights, a cropped leather jacket OR boyfriend blazer and pair it with these...

Kitschy with color!

What do you think?

October 14, 2009

Warm and Cozy And Grey All Over

It's getting colder...so much so that the high in Charlotte will be 52 degrees. This is CHARLOTTE not Chicago, not Cleveland, not Toronto. Ick.

I do like fall, though. I like crispy leaves, hot chocolate, football and sweaters...big cozy sweaters. That's why today's edition features grey, cozy sweaters!

What's your favorite fall item?
Warm and Cozy and Grey All Over

October 12, 2009

Dressing for Date Night...Under $100!

Happy Monday, everyone! (Is that an oxymoron..."Happy Monday"?)

I wanted to start of this week looking forward to Friday....I will be seeing a bunch of great friends from college, so I'm already thinking about going out! That inspired my "dresses for date night" polyvore set below.

All the dresses featured are under $100. Additionally, all the shoes are under $30! I know...what a steal.


What's your fave ensemble for date night...or girls night out...or ?

Date Night Dresses Under $100

October 9, 2009

WTF Friday: Fergie Ferg

Image via: Snapper Media/Splash News Online

Oh Fergie, Ferg. Her outfit choices are always "out there", but she still usually pulls them off with some futuristic vibe. On the other hand, today's ensemble looks plain messy. With the glued Elvis pompadour, giant red glasses and gray, worn cheetah jeans, girlfriend looks a hot mess. While I actually enjoy the blue sequin jacket, this outfit screams WTF?

Fergie, please do yourself a favor and put on an outfit that does justice to your cute self. This looks heinous.

Happy Friday all! Any WTF items to contribute?

October 8, 2009

Celebrity Style Stalker: Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz is just so lovely that I had to feature her Prada wearing self in this edition of Celebrity Style Stalker! Instead of using Polyvore, I attempted a Picasa collage. Thoughts?

Below are the products used in the style stalkin'! The dress is only $65, and fredflare.com is hosting a 25% off sale with the code SLIIMY.

Have a great Thursday - get excited for WTF Friday!

Nine West Bombazin Heels

Fred Flare Sweetheart Bustier Dress

White House Black Market Jet/Crystal Bib Necklace

October 6, 2009

Hey Baby, What's Your Shape?

From every edition of Cosmo to Marie Claire, I swear there is an article about dressing for your shape. I usually skim right through it, not really paying attention to "the rules". But, I randomly ran into myshape.com and it is the neatest little shopping website that a) has each user enter in a whole bundle of measurements (so get out that measuring tape),  b) tells each user their shape, one of seven options, c) custom picks clothing items based upon the given measurements, fit preferences and shape type.

After entering in my measurements, and double checking them, I am an S shape, outlined above. Not a bit shock there, but it was helpful to find out how measurements translate into a real shape, instead of guessing.

And then there are the clothes! Once all your information is entered in, the program recommends specific items and SIZES of all sorts of clothing and brands based on your measurments and fit preferences. Brands range upon your preferences, but I saw everything from ECI to Diane Von Furstenburg.

The website is tons of fun, offers free shipping and returns and I believe you can get a 15% off coupon by signing up.

If you have 30 minutes to burn - take a look!

October 5, 2009

Boot review: Chinese Laundry Turbo Boots, Gray Suede, C-

So...if you recall, I was lusting over a pair of flat, suede gray boots. I satisfied that craving by ordering these Chinese Laundry's Turbo boots in gray suede from DSW.com.

What a buzzkill...these boots really disappointed me! I was expecting them to be a fitted flat boot that hit above the knee, but when I tried them on they were slouchy and loose in the calves and lower thighs and not visually appealing at all. I should have taken some photos, but they looked so awful on me I just put them back in the box and trotted them back to DSW. They did look a bit better when I folded the top part down, but not nearly good enough to keep them.

While the suede was soft to the touch, these just did not fit the bill. I will note, however, that there are a ton of reviews from ladies who love these boots! Definitely try before you buy just in case.

DSW had some a-mazing boots in stock! If you get a chance, check them out. I, of course, found a new pair to add to my lust list. More on that later...happy Monday!

October 2, 2009

Off Broadway Shoes: 20% off tomorrow only (10/3/09)!

If you're lucky enough to live near an Off Broadway Shoes, you can email me for a coupon to save 20% off your entire purchase, tomorrow only!

I lurve Off Broadway, and so does my good friend Cathy...just ask her. I  believe she walked out with 4...or was it 5...pairs of shoes last time. Good work, Cath, as you know I fully support your efforts. Her shoe obsession mirrors my jean obsession.

Anywho, Off Broadway has great stuff, very similar to DSW, and in my opinion is even better since they give back 10% of your purchase as a credit for your next purchase. And yeah, I know 10% isn't much, but at least it covers tax!

Let me know if you want the coupon!

WTF Friday: Lindsay Lohan and One Fug Coat...

Photo credit: Jun Sato/WireImage

Oh Lindsay, Lindsay Lindsay...what the hell are you wearing? Are you auditioning for a role in Chicago? Perhaps you're attempting a ho-ribble gangsta look for Halloween?

Remember the days when Lindsay dressed in lovely designer dresses and weighed more than 100 lbs.? That was a good look for her. Like this...good choice, Lohan.

Also, to celebrate WTF Friday, I also wanted to showcase a frightening coat made by BB Dakota that I found on Modcloth.com. I usually like BB Dakota's offerings and I love Modcloth.com, but WTF? Are we in Dances With WolvesThe Albuquerque Coat looks like it came straight out of a Geronimo's gift shop. Oh, and the description said that this coat will be featured in Cosmo's December issue...thanks, but I'll pass.

Happy Friday everyone! Any WTF Friday items to share?

October 1, 2009

Ann Taylor & AT Loft: Discounts, Cute Clothes and They Want to Save the Boobs

Ann Taylor has never been my favorite store, nor has Ann Taylor Loft. BUT, I  have to give out some may-jah props to Ann Taylor (& Loft) for reinventing their product line.

Growing up, I always thought of Ann Taylor as strictly the place for boring suiting separates, kind of a snoozefest compared to Banana Republic or Nordstroms. Clearly, they got the message because in May of this year they brought on designer Lisa Axelson to freshen up the line and offer more current day to night transition items.

Additionally, Ann Taylor Loft brought on famous jewelry designer Lisa Salzar of Lulu Frost who created a line of adorable necklaces that are finally available online! She also created a great bracelet that donates $5 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month). The bracelet retails for $24.50.

If you're looking to make some big fall purchases, you can buy an Ann Cares card for $25 and receive 20% off of every Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor purchase in-store or online through November 15, 2009. They cite that 90% of card proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And yes, you can use the card over and over again until the expiration date. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

AND, Ann Taylor is having a giant online sale right now, with an additional 40% off most sale items. If you're looking for new professional, work wear or just a few cute tops to spice up your wardrobe, check our Ann Taylor or if you're looking for cute day wear visit Ann Taylor Loft. I was pleasantly surprised!

Happy shopping!