August 29, 2012

Product Review: Eyeko Fat Stick, C-

You know that phrase, "Too good to be true"? Yeah, well, that's what I thought of when I used one of my recent Birchbox products, Eyeko's Fat Eye Stick in Old Gold. This smudgey stick can be found on Birchbox for $15 for a .14 oz.
About Eyeko Fat Eye Stick:

How it Works
Anyone can pull off these rich colors. Black is an intense charcoal, Petrol Blue is a deep blue that’s oh-so-edgy, and Old Gold is a metallic hue with olive undertones.

How to Use
Each creamy stick contains endless possibilities. Apply along your lashline and smudge out past the outer corners of your eyes for winged effects. Shade your lids and blend with your fingers to wear as a shadow, or dab a bit around the inner corners of your eyes for a discreet pop of color. For long-lasting pigments, use an eye primer.  

My Review:

The Good: The color, Old Gold, is a smokey greenish gold-grey. The shade is really oh-so pretty. And the product definitely smolders onto the eyelid and lashline.

The Bad: Well, beyond the pretty shade, this product was kind of a hot mess on my eye when used as a cream shadow. When they say smolder, they kind of mean smudge. All over your lid. Even with a fair amount of lid primer, this product bled almost up to my eyebrow.

The Verdict: C-. If you're using this strictly as a liner and a lower lashline smudge option, great. If you prefer to use it as a cream eyeshadow smudge, beware, this one can get messy.

August 21, 2012

Celebrity Style Stalker: Black & White With A Helping O'Lace

Lace has definitely made its way as a solid ensemble completer during the past few seasons. What started out as a sliver of peekabo in a blouse is now a full blown trend. Dresses, tops, skirts, hell - even leggings (personally not of that particular 80s reincarnation). And this week I peeked into the world of celeb to showcase a few of my fave black and white looks, two with lace as a frontrunner.

We have...Amber Riley in a cute peplum lace top over a fitted pencil skirt. Cute cute. 

Photo via Frazer/Harrison
And Nicole Richie looking *smashing* in her own Winter Kate laser cut leather skirt. Ok, no lace here, but the laser cuts look a bit so.

Photo via Michael Tran
Last but not least, Sofia Vergara in a purty lace number. I do want to completely trash those tights, though. It feels much too early for tights! I'm holding on to the last bit of summer.

Photo via Michael Shearer
And because no solid celebrity style stalking would be complete without a heavy dose of retail therapy, check out some affordable dupes below!

ABS by Allen Schwartz, James Perse, Charlotte Russe

August 14, 2012

Product Review: Revlon PhotoReady 3D Mascara, B-

Ah the search for the holy grail, affordable mascara continues. Today's product review highlights Revlon's newish PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara. Expect to pay between $6.50-$9 for a .34 oz tube.

About Revlon PhotoReady 3D Mascara: 
 Get glamorous, big volume lashes from every angle Lashes look 100% more magnified, multiplied, amplified* *with two coats.

My Review:
The Good: This is an anti-clumping mascara. Truly, I never get clumps when I use it. Each coat goes on thin and smooth and dries pretty quickly. I've also seen minimal smudging/mascara bleeding throughout the day, even in super hot conditions.

The Bad: It wears like a minimal mascara. As in, I didn't see too much all. Expect a pretty, natural look unless you have uber long lashes already. There isn't much of a "wow" factor with this mascara. 

The Verdict: B- from me. It's a decent drugstore mascara with a great brush that really separates your lashes. However, the formula itself isn't anything to write home about. As for the volume? It's a bit lacking overall.

August 7, 2012

Currently Craving: Shopping The Limited

It all started with a coupon. At least that what my aunt says. And it's true. I was having a nice lunch with my mom, aunt and grandmother when my aunt needed to "quickly pop in" The Limited to use some of her bonus bucks she had acquired over the past few weeks. Let's just say it wasn't a quick pop...all of us left with a bag...even grandma.

For me, The Limited is hit or miss. Sometimes I'll find a variety of cute blousy tops to wear with skinny jeans, a smattering of perfect belt and a nice selection of transition wear (work-ish to cocktail hour). Other times I'll completely strike out. However, as of late, I was pretty impressed with what's happening in store.

One big note to make - in my opinion, The Limited's sizing is all over the place. Typically tops run large. But not always. Thus, you have to try everything on. Le sigh. Part of the game, I guess. Here are a few unquestionably cute items I spied at Limited over the weekend...happy shopping, all!

The Limited, Ranjana Khan