December 31, 2010

WTF Friday: I've Got The Blues

Happy Friday & happy New Years Eve to all! Here's wishing all of you a lovely, fun & safe celebration tonight.

Now, on to today's WTF nominees...

First up, a first for the CCC, a man...Mr. Ashton Kutcher. Yes. And here's why...

Photo via:

Well then. Yeeeeah. Ashton & Demi were in Paris at the time and he's sporting ankle length white linen pantalonesand a snug blue cardi. Listen, Ashton, both you and your wifey are lovely, but please stop borrowing her clothes and pawning them off as your own kitschy style. This is straight up fug.

And then we have the stunning Kerri Hilson...

Photo via: Jerritt Clark/WireImage
Oh, Kerri. You really give such good face...then why, oh, why do you wear such a strange lookin' blouse? All I can do is stare at her chest! It looks as if she removed a few shoulder pads and tucked them inside her sheer, lace shirt. This top is no bueno.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! Happy New Year!

December 29, 2010

Christmas Recap....

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful, fabulous, unforgettable holiday with your respective families. Santa was quite good to me and I thought I'd share a few items I received for Christmas that I'm just giddy over. Some of these were the result of exchanges, and others were gifts.

1) BCBG stretch leather & cloth pencil skirt: I scored a very similar style skirt for a mere $28. Yup. Go go Santa sales at Lord & Taylor. Since I'm quite short this skirt falls about 1.5" above the knee and will look fabu with black tights & a soft sweater, or a tucked in blousy top, etc.


2) American Rag Topper Jacket: A gift from momma, straight from Macy's. Both mom & I were a bit concerned about how this would look on as the reviews are all over the place. Much to my delight this coat is pretty damn adorable on. It falls longer on me that the model (no big shock there), but it looks really cute with all sorts of pantalones and dresses.

American Rag at ShopStyle

3) BCBG Lace Trim Tunic: Airy, light and simply lovely. I did some exchanging & before my Macy's credit, this tunic rang up as $104. Not too shabby for such a versatile tunic!


What were some of your favorite gifts from the holidays?!

December 24, 2010

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Holiday...

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, delightful Kwanza or whatever you choose to celebrate this holiday season.

Enjoy the time with your families and friends! And happy shopping if you hit up the sales on Sunday! Catch up with you on Monday!

December 20, 2010

Product Review: Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toner, B+

Happy Monday, everyone! Up for for product review today is Aveda's Botanical Kinetics Toner.

Last week I had a facial at the local Aveda Institute and my esthetician used this toner on my face a few times. A 5 oz. bottle (with spritz) retails for $19 and the 16.9 oz. bottle retails for $44.

Here are the details from Aveda...

Come face to face with the benefits of nature as this cooling, refreshing mist helps hydrate and balance your skin while minimizing surface oil build-up. White oak, witch hazel and peppermint provide mild astringent benefits.
  • Refreshingly aromatic
  • Helps tone, balance and replenish moisture
  • For normal to oily skin 
And my review...

The Good: It smells divine and keeps my skin toned but not dry. I definitely haven't experienced that "tightness" that some toners provide. Also, you have the option to spritz your face directly (which I prefer) or onto a cotton ball.

The Bad: $19 for 5 oz. isn't cheap. Sad trombone.

The Verdict: B+ overall! I love the scent and the softness that this toner provides. I'll see how long a bottle lasts me and then determine if I'll buy the big poppa refill.

December 17, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

You know, sometimes there aren't any *really great* candidates for WTF Friday. Or maybe I'm just being a softie. Regardless, I'm tossing in a new feature for the occasional Fridays that have few (or no) truly offensive ensembles.

Thus, today is Fabulous Friday. Below are few super fabulous ensembles on some of our favorite celebs. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

Photo via: Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage
Kristen Bell in Alberta Ferretti....gorrrrgeous! Alberta Ferretti turns out some of the most stunning and lovely gowns out there.
Photo via: Glenn Svendsen/Stella Pictures/Abaca

Oh Anne Hathaway, how stunning are you. Love the Oscar de la Renta dress, your chic pony and the stunning makeup. You give good face.

Photo via: Steve Granitz/WireImage
 And then we have the absolutely lovely Minka Kelly in a graphic print Zero + Maria Cornejo dress. I'm not familiar with this designer, but it looks smashing on Minka. Although, she could probably wear a paper bag and look great. Plus, nude Jimmy Choos!

Well, that's it for today's Fabulous Friday! And have a great weekend!

December 14, 2010

Real Life Review: J Brand 11" Denim Leggings (Jeggings), A

I'll admit it, I was scared of not only the word "jeggings" but also the concept. Why oh why would I want to wear a jean legging? Why not just wear skinny jeans? Or leggings? What is the magic in combining both properties. Well, I eat my words, because I adore J Brand's 11" Denim Leggings.

J Brand at ShopStyle

I scooped these up about a week ago in the color, Pitch. Yes, like pitch black. These leggings are pure black through and through and look great paired with tunic, sweaters, silk tops, etc. The really nice thing about these particular pair of pants? They still have five pockets and a traditional zipper fly - so they really look like a nice fitting pair of skinny jeans. I'm just not a fan of pull on scares me. No, I don't know why.

The fabric and fit and both forgiving and flattering - two positive F's in a review. They fit pretty similarly to other J Brand skinnes - maybe a hair on the large side. So, if you're in between sizes, you may want to size down. These are supposed to be fitted, folks.

Are they worth $140? Debatable, but I can pretty much guarantee you can find them on sale or score them with a coupon code. I snatched up mine with a discount at local Charlotte boutique with a stellar Groupon in hand. While I haven't washed them yet, word on the street is that they hold their shape and their color. Score!

December 10, 2010

WTF Friday: Craft Projects & Envious Big Bird

Yaaay for Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week!

Up for WTF Friday today are two gorgeous ladies with seriously heinous fashion choices.

First up is the really lovely Thandie Newton...

PA Photos/Landov

Oh my. It's like Little House on the Prairie made out with a table cloth and ran through a craft fair. Thandie Newton is stunning and tiny...this failed frock is f-ed. No.

And how about a little Fergie Ferg?

Photo via Bauer/Griffin
Wow. It's a pea green marabou wrap, lovely this time of year. On what planet is that ever a good idea? I'm pretty sure even the folks at Sesame Street would toss you out for that one. Killer shoes though, Fergs.

Well, that's a wrap for today's edition of WTF Friday! Hope you're eyes aren't burnin' too badly!

December 6, 2010

Product Review: Clairol Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray, B

Helllllooooo blog world! Happy Monday to everyone!

Up for product review today is a random hairspray I picked up out of desperation a few weeks back: Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray.

 I *way* overpaid for this hairspray as I purchased it at a grocery store (yes, I should know better...the prices are more amicable at local drugstores) for $5 or so. Most drugstore retails price this at $3-$4 ish.

Here are the details from Herbal Essences:
  • You don't let humidity get your hair down.
  • You just hold up full and shiny with a lush finish because of my weightless formula fused with white nectarine & pink coral flower.
  • Sunset citrus fragrance
Made in USA
  • Spray evenly.
  • Okay, you're all set.
And my review...

The Good: It smells deeelightul. De-freakin'-lightful. And it does volumize. When worn down and wavy, my hair stayed volumized for a couple hours.

The Bad: The spray is quite forceful, so, really, hold it 10-12" away from your head, if not farther away. The product can make your hair a bit stiff if not distributed properly.

The Verdict: It's a B from me. The spray does volumize, it smells great but it can turn your hair crispy if used incorrectly. Spray with caution!

December 2, 2010

Holiday Fun: Sequin 'Splosion

Incoming! The holidays are upon us. Beyond the shopping frenzies, overindulgence and snowflakes we have sequins. Yes, sequins. For your holiday parties, dinners with friends or if you're feelin' a little sparkly, sequins are just too much fun to pass up.

I've seen many a lady sport a lighter tone sequin on top for day...but for evening I pulled together a set of all sorts of sparkly options. Skirts, jackets, dresses, tops - hooray! Pretty much any of these tops can be paired with a chic pencil skirt, skinny pants or black tights. As for the bottoms, I like a tucked in solid tank and tuxedo jacket or even a snuggly black sweater. Just don't pair sequin w/ the head to toe disco ball ensemble for Halloween, 'kay?

How do you savor sequins?