July 30, 2010

WTF Friday: Underwhelmed & Confused

Hey friends! Happy Friday to all!

Today's WTF Friday features two super cute ladies...one looking subpar and one choosing a very "interesting" dress. Here we go!

First up is Kelly Osbourne...

Image via: Donato Sardella/Wireimage

Ok...so I understand that Kelly has had a few really bad weeks, so I'm not going to get on her case too hard. But still. Kelly, girlfriend, pick yourself back up and get back on that dating market. This nerd alert ensemble complete with white socks and flats is so unflattering on you. Get yee into a dress, stat.

And then there's the adorbs Blake Lively...

Image via: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Chest up and hips down, Blake looks just darling. But then we have this really weird sheer cutout showcasing Blake's navel and cutout flowers. Um. Right. Just because it's Chanel doesn't make it ok. No Blake, sheer corsets are not hot.

That's it for today! Have a super weekend!

July 29, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Lace Escape

Hello there!

Today's CTC edition features an adorable lacy tank from BB Dakota - who has been turning out all sorts of lacing, stitched looking garments as of late. I'm a fan of this tank as it's super versatile - I love it paired the J. Crack jacket for office time and straight up with the skinnies at night. Plus, those Tory Burch studded heels would look smashing with just about anything - and there on sale right now! Schwing!

I can conjure up quite a few outfits to sport with this sweet little top. 

What do we think friends? Are we loving lace?

July 26, 2010

Product Review: Goody Spin Pin, A

Happy Monday to all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Up for today's product review is the newly (ish) released Goody Spin Pin.

I've looked around for this little bun maker for quite some time and finally found it at my local Target this weekend. Hooray!

At the moment, Walgreens is offering this super little hair wonder for $5.99 with a buy one get one free promo.

Details from Walgreens.com:
  1. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck (no ponytail holder needed).
  2. Twist your hair into a tight bun and tuck in the ends.
  3. Spin one pin in from the top and the other up from the base, taking care not to interlock pins.
And my review...

The Good: The Spin Pin lives up to its word! Even with my short hair, two Goody Spin Pins kept it locked in a messy bun for hours. Plus, it didn't pull or give me bun head over hours. (Bun head = sore spot on your head from a too-tight ponytail holder)

The Bad: No complaints here! You may have some issues finding them, though. If so, I recommend ordering online, especially with the two-fer promo.

The Verdict: A, baby! I'm just tickled with this cool new product, especially because it lives up to the hype.

July 23, 2010

WTF Friday: Mrs. Roper & Too Much Rouge

Happy Friday to all!

Our first offender of the day is the adorable Kendra Wilkinson.

 Photo via: Gustavo Cabellero/Getty

Kendra, girl. Oh my. That's a whole lotta print. Even at a luau. Kendra sweetie, please fetch a dress that doesn't resemble one of Mrs. Roper's throwbacks and show off your cute little figure. This dress is making me nauseated.

But Kendra's ensemble is not even remotely as offensive as Lil Kim's...brace yourself.

Photo via: Koi Sojer, PacificCoastNews.com

No friends, this is not a photo from the Moulin Rouge years. This was taken days ago. Her, um, makeup looks pretty fierce. I don't think I have to say anymore, do I?

Have a great weekend!

July 22, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Back It Up

Happy Thursday to all! Here's hoping that some many of you will indulge in a little thirsty Thursday action tonight! Mama wants a martini.

So, in celebration that today is, indeed, a super day for cocktails check out my look below.

I'm sure many of us have a scandal-back top hidden somewhere in our closet. It's one of those tops that you would never wear to work, or could you?! Throw on a classy jacket (I love this little tweed number below), sweet pencil skirt and modest wedges and you're good to go for the office. Just strip off that jacket, throw on some sky-high heels (the ones below are straight knock offs for the new DVF suede pumps) and you're hot to trot.

Work that martini, girl, work it all the way through Sunday. Then get yourself a Bloody Mary. Cheers!

July 19, 2010

Product Review: got2b Smooth Operator Hairspray, A

Hola! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Up for review today's is got2b's Smooth Operator Hairspray.  After I expressed my love for got2b's Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion here, I wanted to give their hairspray a try. You can find this little wonder at drugstore retailers for $5-$7 for 9.2 ounces.

Here are the deets from cvs.com:

4: Touchable Styles: De-frizz; Hold; Indulge. Charmed Life Lesson No. 24: Always indulge when it comes to shoes, chocolate and hair care! Give your tresses a treat with got2b smooth operator smoothing hairspray. This indulgent finishing spray smoothes fly-aways and frizzies and keeps your style in place while providing an oh-so-touchable finish that's full of movement. It's the luxury you deserve for invisibly seductive style. Made in USA.

And my review:

The Good: This spray is super affordable and is a great light spray for workin' in waves or lighting styling your 'do. It also smells super sweet (literally), although some may think it's too saccharine-y sweet of a scent.

The Bad: Not so much in the "bad" department, here! Don't expect this spray to hold up an intricate updo, as it's more of a styling spray.

The Verdict: A all the way. While I love Frederic Fekkhai and B&B hairsprays, this got2b spray does a similar job for less than a third of the cost.

July 16, 2010

WTF Friday: A Warm Librarian is Not a Hot Librarian

 Happy Friday to all! I hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to an even better weekend! Let' get right to the WTF Friday offenders!

First up is the gorgeous and super talented Eva Mendes, who 95% of the time looks absolutely amazing. Not here.

Credit: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage
Oh Eva, girlfriend. I really, really hope you're angling for a librarian part in an upcoming film, otherwise this looks heinous on you. It hides your amazing figure and looks super stodgy. Bring sexy Eva back, please, she's so much more fun. 

Next up is the equally as lovely, Liv Tyler.

Credit: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Now, don't start drinking the haterade and telling me that Liv doesn't look "that bad", because you're right, she doesn't. The reason Liv is part of WTF Friday today is because she's not dressing to her potential. And we all want to dress (and live) up to our potential, now don't we? Liv, it's 100 degrees outside, there is no need for tights. 

That's it for today, friends! Have a splendid weekend!

July 15, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Washed Silk Blouses

Hey everyone!

Hope y'all are having a super week!

Today's edition of CTC features one of my favorite all season layering pieces - the silk shirt. No, this is not your brother's silk shirt from a 1989 homecoming dance. This is a pretty, flowy, feminine shirt that works well with work and cocktail apparel. I imagine plenty of mileage from a great silk blouse.

The top featured below is quite pricey, at $178. However, I saw a very similar top at Ann Taylor just a few weeks ago on super sale. Plus, check out the bottom Shopstyle piece for more silk shirt-spiration.

So friends, are you fans of the versatile silk shirt?!

July 13, 2010

And the winner of the 1" Corioliss Classic Black Pro Flatiron is...



An email is on its way to ya. Enjoy the great flat iron!

Many, many thanks to Misikko.com for their giveaway sponsorship and to all who entered!

July 12, 2010

Product Review: Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Butter, B

Happy Monday to all!

I'm finally back in Charlotte after a very long, but very exciting week. I will be choosing the Corioliss Flat Iron winner this evening - make sure you enter if you haven't already!

Today's review is all about the butter, baby! No no, not Land O' Lakes, but instead it's about the great Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Butter.

I had the great pleasure of sampling this product at a swanky hotel this past weekend and I just had to offer up a review!

Here are the deets from Sephora:

What it is:
A maximum-moisture, best-selling cream with a luxuriously rich texture.

What it does:
Bliss Body Butter restores moisture to even the most 'rough and scaly skin' as it protects the skin from free radicals. It smoothes, softens, and hydrates dry skin, without making it feel greasy. Used in over 70,000 bliss spa massages every year worldwide, this superior skin-smoothing formula has gained a huge following—making it one of Bliss' best selling products.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens

What else you need to know:
This signature fragrance is light and refreshing, loved by men and women alike. You can sample this classic moisturizer sink side in W Hotel bathrooms worldwide.

And onto my review...

The Good: It smells divine and it moisturizes well. This is a creamy body butter, but not so thick that it's difficult to rub in and absorb into your skin. The sage and the lemon work very well together and overall it's a great body butter.

The Bad: The price. $28 for 6.7 ounces and $49 for 14 ounces. I love me an overpriced product, but even for me this is steep. Granted, if you're a huge fan of this body butter, the $49 is a nice discounted price for the size.

The Verdict: B for me. I really love this body butter and it definitely lives up to it's reputation, but the price knocks it down for me. If I can score this product at a bit more of a discount, it's a great, great buy.

That's it for today! Have a great day!

July 9, 2010

WTF Friday: Sportin' the Armour

Happy Friday to all!

For today's WTF Friday I wanted to feature just a few offenders that really put me over the edge. #1 - Leighton Meester.

Oh Leighton...

Photo via: Benaroch/Sipa

You're such a lovely girl - there is not a reason on Earth to sport a full on leather armour suit in the middle of the summer. Even if it is Chanel, and even if it is their Shanghai collection.

And don't get me wrong - I lurve me some Chanel. But the timing and the styling of this ensemble is horrendous. Leighton - wait to pull out the long sleeve leather armour until fall, at a minimum. This is one of Leighton's much softer offenders...as there are elements of this dress that I really enjoy.

And then we have the Kaleidoscope Tank at Forever21....

Yes, yes, Forever21 what I really, really wanted for Christmas in July is a macrame vest that resembles a cut out of grammy's blanket. How (not) adorable will this look with skinnies and boots?! Forget a Snuggie - I have a blanket vest! Hoooooooray!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

July 8, 2010

Times They are A-Changin'

Hey all!

I just wanted to let y'all know that Coley's Closet Cravings will be going through some changes in the coming weeks/months. Posts will likely come a bit more sporadically (3 ish times per week) due to the new job responsibilities.

I can't tell you all how much I love blogging. Each and every follower, blog comment and supporter means the world to me and I promise to do my best to provide awesome and entertaining content on a regular basis, albeit a bit less frequent.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


July 7, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Whining for Wine

Hi everyone! In the spirit of adult beverages, today's post is about affordable wine. Here are a few of my faves under $15 per bottle!

  • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc: Soooo summery and refreshing. I can easily down a few glasses no problemo.
  • Montepulciano ? from Trader Joe's: Normally hubs and I have a bottle or two of this great red table wine in our wine cabinet somewhere. It's literally less than $5 per bottle but I cannot find the exact name as of right now!
  • Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio: This can flirt with the $20 line, but it's a super crisp wine that is delish with pastas and chicken alike. I try to grab this one on sale if I can! I routinely score a bottle or two under $15 each.
  • Rossini Prosecco w/strawberries: Yup, bubbly prosecco with pulverized strawberries. Do I have to say anything more?
And onto today's Cheap Thrills! Every item is less than $25...enjoy!

July 6, 2010

Currently Craving: Super Sweet Goods from CSN Stores

Hey all! It's that time again....of course I'm craving plenty of items, but I have a very special list at CSN Stores, the go-to uber site for just about anything you can think of, from headboards, to luggage, to bedroom furniture to luxe shoes & handbags! My buddy, E, over at Strawberry Swing & Other Things is hosting a $50 gift card giveaway right now, too!

While CSN encompasses more than 200 stores, my personal fave (in CCC fashion) is their Luxe line. They have a nice supply of shoes and handbags from some great designers. Here are a few that I'm craving...you'll have to wait until the end to find out which item I'll be purchasing and reviewing!

Carlos Santana Curiousity: Mmmm bronze stacked heels, a faint animal print and peep toe - yes please!

 Elliott Lucca Astrid Tote - I'm a big fan of Elliott Lucca - they use the best leather! They have this aweome bag in black and copper leather.

DVF Luggage - Giselle Rolling City Bag: I love pretty luggage and this is pretty fierce. Plus it has rollers on it - CLUTCH!

The Sak Crossbody in Twilight Metallic: I own this bag in the cognac color and I positively adore it. I like this shimmery blue for a change of pace!

Friends, which item do you think I'm going to purchase?!

If you guessed the Elliott Lucca Astrid tote, you are correct! I think I'm going to go with the bronze leather to add some punch to my handbag collection. Once I take her around town I'll definitely share my review with ya'll!

Happy shopping!

July 5, 2010

Product Review & Another Giveaway: Corioliss Classic Pro Black from Misikko.com

It's a two-fer today! A while back the fabulous people at Misikko.com sent me out a fantanbulous straightener, the Corioliss Classic Black Pro Flatiron 1", to give 'er a try and to offer a giveaway to the super wonderful Coley's Closet Cravings readers!

If you don't know about Misikko.com, definitely check them out for your mane needs. They offer a very nice array of utterly awesome professional hair straighteners, the best hair dryers and great hair treatment products from some of my fave brands like Chi and BioSilk.

So, I tried out the iron and here is my leetle review that I submitted to the Misikko website:

This iron works extremely well for my wavy hair, which is fairly fine but I have a ton of it. I am able to straighten my tresses even at the mid-range of the heat output. Definitely a great iron for the price and I really appreciate the heat sleeve for travel!

So friends, Misikko is kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of this sweet little flat iron! The winner will receive one Corioliss Classic Black Pro Flat Iron 1"!

To enter, please read below and be sure to leave your email address with every entry!
  1. Be a follower of Coley's Closet Cravings and comment below (1 entry)
  2. Follow Misikko on Twitter, and leave a separate comment below (1 entry)
  3. Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave another comment with the link (1 entry)
  4. Join the Misikko Newsletter and leave a comment below (3 entries)
This giveaway will end on Monday, July 12 at 11:59 EST. The winner must be from the US or Canada, as this iron does not support dual voltage.

Good luck and I wish you happy hair days ahead!

July 2, 2010

WTF Friday: Wackness Across the Board

Happy Friday to all! Today's WTF Friday edition has some real atrocities from gorgeous ladies. It's such a shame when bad clothes happen to (seemingly) good people.

Let's get started...

First up, we have the super talented songstress, Fergie Ferg.

Photo via: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Fergie, girlfriend, what on earth did your bewbs do to deserve this torture? This dress could have been pretty cool if only you didn't insert a natural chin rest with the garment. In this ensemble she echoes Dolly Parton - and while I love Dolly, that is not intended to be a compliment. Fergie, size up and I guarantee you'll be able to breathe!

Next up is the gorgeous and fit Jada Pinkett Smith.

Photo via: Adhemar Sburlati/Broadimage

Oh Jada, you must have caught the pantsless plague. Either that or someone is running around L.A. stealing pantalones. Jada - yes, you have great legs but in this teeny-tiny romper you look supa silly. Pants are good. Shorts are good. Skirts are good. Work that angle.

And last but not least is Ms. Mischa Barton who has certainly made this list a time or two.

Photo via: Fame Pictures

Mischa gets a ton of flack for her, um, "odd" ensemble choices but this is just so unflattering I couldn't help myself. Whoever said Ked's are in is crazy. (Didn't Mischa have a Ked's contract a while back?!) Mischa this outfit makes me so, so sad. She looks much heavier than is, the proportion is completely wacky and she generally looks a little loco. Si?!

That's the WTF edition for today! I hope you all have a fun & safe holiday weekend!

July 1, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Anthro-licious

Hi everyone! Don't you just hate it when a gorgeous top (finally) goes on sale and you trudge into said store to try it on and it looks kinda crappy on you?

Well, this happened to me with Anthropologie's Nexus top. I love the sweeping ruffles, the brownish gray shade and the overall "prettiness". Unfortunately, this top made me look like a box - I blame the middle ruffle. Regardless, this top is now on sale at Anthropologie for $29.95 - which is a steal if this top works for you. Plus, it's the feature of this week's Cubicle to Cocktails!

This particular brown/gray shade works splendidly for both work and play. I like it paired with basic black and white as well as skinny jeans. It all works so well.

So, friends - I know Kim from Anthroholic looks adorbs in this top, anyone else?!