March 31, 2010

Cheap Thrills & An Announcement...

Hi all! Before I get to today's edition of Cheap Thrills, I have an announcement.

No, my eggo is not preggo...

Now please know that this announcement takes a TON of courage and please be understanding.

I will be on a shopping ban during the month of April.

Ah, dear readers, you may be asking why, why, why?!

Well, I have a few reasons...

1) I shop fairly often and I have come to the realization that I have a smattering of great items in my closet that haven't seen the light of day yet. They need to be worn! I need to pay respect to my closet...

2) Let's be honest - saving money is not a bad thing. The credit card needs a breather.

3) I want to see if I can do it - I mean, I gave up treats for lent. I think I can handle this...(Justine did it - so I have hope for myself)

4) In honor of my husband's birthday on Friday. No, he didn't ask me to give up shopping altogether - all he asked for his birthday is for me to cook him dinner (fire trucks on standby) and for a one hour massage at our favorite spa. So, this is me being a grown up...

Does said ban mean that I won't be browsing? No, no, no! That shall keep me sane. But no buying (outside of groceries and home essentials). I made an online purchase yesterday at The Limited (btw - 30% off $100+ with the code 241) - so I'm sure I'll feature that in the coming days.

I'm planning on continuing my bloggy as is, offering up outfits, cheap thrills and the like - just no buying for me during the month of April. I cannot guarantee that I will not occasionally whine about it - I'll really try not to, though!

SO...onto Cheap Thrills! Here's a sweet little set for your shopping pleasure! That Tarte makeup set from Sephora looks precious - and it's SUCH a great deal! Enjoy!

March 30, 2010

Love Her Style, and Hers, and Hers, and Hers!

Happy Tuesday to all! Today's quick little post pays homage to some of my favorite style icons all across the fashion spectrum.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel is just precious. She looks so fresh and cute in her casual day wear and she completely turns it out for evening. I appreciate that she embraces new designers and is never afraid to mix high & low and vintage & new.

Kate Beckinsale

She always looks stunning, whether she's taking her daughter out for ice cream or rockin' the red carpet. I love her choice of accessories and her ladylike chic-ness.

Victoria Beckham

This teeny little thing packs a lot of punch in her outfits, designer line and her overall demeanor. If you watched American Idol auditions you would also know that she is hilarious and is really sweet and open to others' personal style. Plus, she's married to gorgeous David and she can rock 6" heels better than anyone.

Gwen Stefani

Ms. Stefani truly has her own unique style. From the days of bindis and braids in No Doubt to rockin' Vivenne Westwood, Gwen is such an innovator and a chameleon. I love that she pushes the envelope and enjoys her own cool style.

AND, one of the best parts of blogging is to experience and take in others' style! There are so many talented, whimsical, adorable fashion bloggers out there. One of my favorite parts of my day is reading new posts :)

That being said....

The fabulous Obsessionista awarded me the Love Her Style Award! Thanks lovely!

There are so many style related blogs that I adore...but I want to give this sweet little award to the following...

These ladies are fab-u-lous. Read their blogs - they never disappoint!

March 29, 2010

Product Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color, A

Hi all! Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend - I definitely did!

Up for review today is a new product that I picked up at Walgreens a few weeks back - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Nail Color. I'm usually an OPI or Essie gal, but I have been seriously impressed with Ms. Hansen in the past and the idea of a one-stop-shop when it comes to nail polish was super intriguing. Here are the deets from Sally...

  •  All 5 Steps of a Salon Manicure in 1 Bottle
  • Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, Top Coat
  • 9 out of 10 Salon Professionals Preferred Our Formula to the Leading Salon Brand
  • With Patented Vita-Care Technology for advanced wear, more shine, and nourishing care 
  • 42 Salon-Inspired Shades
  • Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free
  • Retails for $7.49-$7.99 at drugstores and beauty outlets's my review...

The Good: This polish fan-freakin-tastic. You really do not need a base coat or a top coat - this polish has major mileage and rarely chips. It comes in a variety of shades, has a great, easy to use brush and stays shiny for at least one week (depening on how much damage your digits or toes go through).

The Bad: Honestly, not much here. We can always use more colors and the polish takes a bit more elbow grease to remove.

The Verdict: A all the way! I've only purchased this polish in one shade, Shell We Dance, that's shown in the photo above. It's a very pretty, neutral pale pink that I love.

Have a great day, all!

March 26, 2010

WTF Friday: Shenae Grimes & Ke$ha

Happy Friday to all!

Ahhh WTF Friday...we have a few good WTFs to explore today...

First up is Shenae Grimes from 90210 fame...this girl is absolutely adorbs, but WTF is she sportin' here?

I've seen worse, but Shenae - you are such a gorgeous girl! It looks like mini Count Dracula and drunk spice got a hold of you. Belly baring vests are not hot, even when you are. Say it with me...this is not 1998 and I am not Mel B.

And then there's Ke$ha...

Um, no, this photo is not from October 31st. Ke$ha, we know you like to be "out there" and brush your teeth with Jack, but this is so f-ing weird. From the wacky leggings to the multi-colored cape, I am utterly confused. Are we auditioning for the multicultural Grim Reaper or trick-or-treating?!

So, those are just two of my WTFs today! Any to add?

March 25, 2010

Rebecca Taylor & J Brand for sale at my other blog site...

Surriously...there are some super great items for sale, new with tags at Coley's Closet Clearance. The prices are extremely reasonable for the quality & style...

Take a peek...and let me know if you're interested in anything! Here's just a sampling...

Happy shopping!

Happy Shoe Shopping To All...Here's $10 off at

"Who doesn't love a promo code? Enjoy."
Save on shoes, accessories, handbags and apparel at We've got something for everyone and for a limited time, you can save $10 on that special something. Valid on purchase of $50 or more.

Cubicle to Cocktails: Fave Color Combo & A Fab Promo Code

One of my favorite color palettes is black & white with punches of red. I've always loved this combo - and that's why today's edition of Cubicle to Cocktails features these gorgeous swatches!

When I first completed these looks, I kept thinking that I was missing something. BUT, I quickly's gettin' warm out ya'll! (In my best Paula Dean voice)

So, the look below is a true late spring look - the dress is a combo of silk and stretch jersey - perfect for pairing with a structured jacket for the office and hot, red heels for cocktail hour!

I actually just ordered a similar dress to the one featured below - but I ordered this Plastic Island two-tone silk and jersey dress from BTW - is the kewlest website (I first raved about it here). It's one of my new faves and they run fab sales fairly often!

Right now you can get 40% off orders of all orders of $200 or more with the code ORDER40, valid through midnight on 3/25. AND if you enter in your measurements (which is totes the way to go), you get free shipping all zee time!


What's your go-to color combo?!

March 24, 2010

Cheap Thrills & Love for Lipbalm

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

For my personal Cheap's list is all about lip balm flavors. Lip balm/Chapstick/etc. is one of my favorite cheap thrills...and I have SO many of them! Here are some of my faves...
  • Burt's Bees Lipbalm - I reviewed this one via blog post a while back!
  • Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Cherry - Mmmmm cherry deliciousness with a hint of color
  • Lip Smacker Grape Crush- I love the Welch's Grape Soda, but considering the insane sugar content, the lip balm is a much healthier substitute for the grape-y goodness!
  • Kiehl's Lip Balm in Vanilla - Mmmmm, need I say more?!
And on to today's Polyvore set of Cheap Thrills...with every item less than $25. Go ahead, treat yourself...if anyone questions you, just tell 'em Coley said so.

March 22, 2010

Product Review: Milani Glitzy Glamour 3D Gloss-Starshine, A-

Hi all! Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend! I will be updating Coley's Closet Clearance with a few new items for Tuesday morning - including an ah-mazing pair of brand spankin' new, white J Brand Lovestory jeans. I've got a few really great items - so take a look and feel free to email me with questions.

And on to today's review - Milani's Starshine lipgloss.

I originally spied this gloss in some recent fashion magazine...not sure if it was InStyle or Glamour? Anywho - Milani makes a super nice lipgloss! For $6.99 (available at a variety of drugstores), this 3D gloss is really interesting. The texture similar to MAC's Lipglass, but a bit less sticky. On to my review...

The Good: As mentioned above, the consistency is very nice. It's not too sticky, not too slippery. The scent is nice, too - a bit vanilla-esque. The 3D gloss comes in a smattering of shades, bit I tried Starshine - a nice lavender neutral that looks just smashing over just about any lipcolor or on its own.

The Bad: It's a bit glittery. However, it should be noted that the glitter isn't "gritty". Some does remain on the lips once the gloss has rubbed off, but it's not horrible.

The Verdict: A- for me. It's a really nice basic gloss with some very fine glitter. I'm definitely looking forward to trying a few more shades.

So, ladies - has anyone ever tried a Milani lipgloss? Thoughts?

March 19, 2010

WTF Friday: Stewart Surprise & Mena Mystified

Happy Friday to all! I hope everyone is looking forward to a beautiful weekend - I sure am.

Up for WTF'dom are two lovely ladies...first up is Kristen Stewart.

Kristen is a pretty young lady....but she typically dresses like she doesn't give an F. I say WTF to this ensemble because...

Photo credit: Photo Agency

WOW. She.Looks.Gorgeous. Love that Pucci dress. I say it's about damn time! WTF Kristen, what were you waiting for? Don't hold back, need to work it out like this all zee time. Don't go back to the dark side - this suits you just fine.

And then there's Mena know, the girl from American Beauty and American Pie? Super cute...but not when she's sporting this look...

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Ummmm...Mena, whatcha got in that hair? Amy Winehouse is not to be copied, girlfiend, you are so much cuter. And that dress, I mean, it could be worse but come on! WTF - did the ruffle wrestle the dress down and firmly seat itself in your 'do? No no, Mena. This look is heinous, even on adorable Mena.

Any WTFs to report?

March 18, 2010

GAP - Give to Get: 30% off at GAP, Old Navy & Banana Republic

It's back in full force! GAP's Give to Get program is available today through Sunday. If you would like a 30% off code for any in-store purchases at these retailers, just send me an email and I'll be happy to send over the invite!

Happy shopping!

Cubicle to Cocktails: Put Some Power in Those Flowers

Good day, all! Hope every one of you enjoyed a great St. Patty's Day!

Today's edition of Cubicle to Cocktails features a subtle floral print button down. Now I know what you're thinking, florals - for spring, groundbreaking (shout out to Obsessionista!). But really florals are everywhere for spring and I truly think that a micro floral print could easily transition from a business look out to casual cocktails.

That being said, I like a solid navy blazer (I own the GAP blazer shown below and it is one of my favorite pieces in my closet) paired with this little beauty, add a slightly sheen-y pencil skirt and you are a pro at the office. To transition to cocktails, pull on some skinny or straight leg white jeans (whichever works with your body type), throw on some freakin' adorable wedges (Miss Justine from Fetching Fashions highlighted the lovelies below just a few days ago) and you are beverage ready.

So, ladies - what do you think? Will you flaunt the florals, or leave them for the vase?

March 17, 2010

Cheap Thrills - The Brilliant Booze Edition

Hello all! In honor of St. Patty's Day I wanted today's personal cheap thrills to reflect some of my favorite drinks and delights. And yes, I know that there is much more heritage and meaning to St. Patrick's Day than a bunch of boozers and leprechauns, but it's my bloggy, so there! Oh, and I love Lucky Charms!

Ha! But are a few of my favorite cheap thrills - adult beverages!

  • Champagne/sparkling wine/Prosecco - Yum, yum, YUM. I love this fizzy little wonder. Bonus points if some type of fruit makes its way in there for brunch.

  • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc - This delicious wine hails from New Zealand and is fruity but not too sweet, crisp but not acidic. I could drink up the entire bottle.

  • Grey Goose & soda (with a lemon) - Simple, classic, delicious.

  • Knockout martini from Sullivan's Steakhouse (or Stoli Doli from Capital Grille) - The most tasty martini. It's Stoli vodka infused with chunks of pineapple with a hint of orange. The vodka steeps and out comes deliciousness into your martini glass. They don't call it a knockout for nothin' - it will indeed knock you OUT.

And onto today's Polyvore set of cheap little thrills to brighten your day, and your closet!

What's your favorite adult beverage?

March 16, 2010

Randomness: New Buys, Promo Codes, I'm a Winner & a Sugar Doll...

 Hi all! Happy Tuesday!

Today's post is more of a housekeeping post to catch up on some lingering we go.

1) My Dolce Vita Pela sandals came in the mail yesterday...I was so excited for them but I'm sad to say they are going back :(

They were just ridiculously HUGE around my ankles, and considering the back zip is the only item securing these gorgeous shoes to my feet, it just didn't work. Maybe I have emaciated ankles?

On a different note, I ordered them from a cute retailer, Madison Los Angeles, and have tons of amazing items in their online store. Also, the promo code STYLEWATCH gets you 20% off! Not sure how long it's valid, though.

2) I wanted to send a great big thank you to Kim over at Anthroholic for these amazing Kensie sunglasses that I won from her blog giveaway last week. They might be a wee bit big on my face but I do not care - I luf them. Not a great photo of me...but oh well!

3) Thanks to Miss K from Love, Lipstick & Pearls who gave me the very sweet Sugar Doll award! Thanks sweetness. Now, I have to tell ya'll 10 facts about myself. Hoping not to repeat myself, here it goes...

  1. I cannot stand when people chew loudly or with their mouths open. I really have to go sit somewhere else. I think when we were kids my brother used to do this on purpose to irritate me. It worked. Well.

  2. My husband does 90% of the cooking in our household. It's not that I can't cook, I just choose not to. :) Plus, he's so damn good at it.

  3. I'm really good at laundry...and I'm an excellent folder. Just ask my mom....she has been impressed with my folding skills since I was 12 or so.

  4. I've only lived in Charlotte, NC for 2.5 years...I'm originally from the Windy City. I heart Chicago.

  5. I can't handle caffeine. I gave it up a few years back and even if I have half a Coke, I start shaking. I get really pissed when I find out that said restaurant gave me regular instead of decaf when I'm trembling and nauseous at 4 am.

  6. I am extremely loyal to my friends and family. You don't F with my friends or family. I'm scrappy - and I can take you down.

  7. I own more lipsticks and lipglosses than a woman should ever possess throughout her entire life. What can I say, I like to have options.

  8. While I clearly like to shop, I get very irritated when I find out I paid significantly more for something.

  9. In addition to my full-time job in fundraising/marketing, I am working at an incredible boutique a few weekend days per month.

  10. Someday I would love to open up my own boutique. Someday...
So, that's it! And I tag the follow lovely ladies with the Sugar Doll Award if they so choose to participate...check out their fabulous blogs!

Have a great day everyone!

March 15, 2010

Product Review: L'Oreal Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer, B

Hi all!

Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend! I unfortunately did not make it out to Atlanta due to heinous weather, so I rescheduled my trip for a later date.

Anywho - on to today's product review!

A few months back L'Oreal came out with their Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer, $16.59 for 1.7 ounces.

Here is the description from Ulta's website...

Description: Rich moisture instantly restores skin's cushion and bounce. Over time, the powerful natural collagen helps fill in lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth and plump. Use it for a complete collagen infused skin care regimen.

Directions: Use every night on the face. Melting texture absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky film.

And onto my review...

The Good: It's a decent moisturizer overall. The scent isn't overly strong and it definitely provides a smooth base prior to makeup. Plus it has SPF 15 - an absolute minimum SPF in my book!

The Bad: At my age, my face isn't full of wrinkles, but I didn't even notice any significant (or even minor) changes in my skin's tone or small smile emotion lines that I do possess. Plus, at this price, it may be worth it to save up and spring for a better product.

The Verdict: I give this one a B. It does a nice job of smoothing out the skin, but I haven't noticed any may-jah benefits that would inspire me to re-buy.

Have you tried this L'Oreal moisturizer? What's your favorite daily face moisturizer with SPF?

March 12, 2010

WTF Friday!

Happy Friday to all! I'm super excited for the weekend as I'll be visiting a very good friend in Hot-lanta! She's one of those friends who loves to shop, eat and say inappropriate things - just like me!

So, speaking of inappropriate things - on to WTF Friday! I tried, and I mean surrriously tried, NOT to include L-insanity again this week. But guess what? I just couldn't avoid it. Her ensemble was just too atrocious. And on to Lindsay...

Oh, look! Lindsay missed her audition for Easy Rider and is doing her best to score the next role in The Matrix. Listen, I have no problem with well-tailored leather pants or even liquid leggings, but what's with the headpiece and the bulky leather jacket? Plus, I really support a healthy hair cut. Just sayin'...

And then there is Whitney Port. I typically enjoy Whitney's style, kind of whimsical chic. AND, when a lady has great legs, I agree she should work them. But not quite to this degree. Whitney, WTF - pantalones? We get it, you like short skirts. But one light breeze and you'll be having a Britney moment! !

These WTFs are not the worst offenses by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, it's good fodder for a Friday!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll likely be posting a few pics from Hot-lanta and share a quick photo shoutout to Kim from Anthroholic to thank her for my amazing new pair of sunglasses. Thanks again, Kim! And happy happy birthday!

March 11, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Rockin' Chambray at Work

Hi everyone! Up for today's edition of Cubicle to Cocktails I'm featuring a classic chambray shirt. I like chambray because it can be dressed up or down, have sheen or sans-sheen and be worn in a variety of denim shades. The shirt shown below it a solid chambray with a slight sheen - this lends itself well to a business casual work environment.

Pair this little chambray beauty with a navy skirt, cognac leather belt and nude patent pumps and you are the queen of the hottest cubicle ever created. As for the cocktail look, I love adding a nude wedge and a flowered mini to add some youth and color to the look.

So, what do you think? Have you or will you rock the classic chambray at work?!

March 10, 2010

Cheap Thrills & Paying Homage to My Pup

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

My cheap thrills today are themed around my beagle, Riley. Why? Because while he is a PITA, I love him dearly.

My cheap thrills, Riley style...
  • Pointing - Yup, Riley points at certain things he wants and also points to the direction he wants to walk (while at a stop light). When I say point, see the photo above. He was "pointing" to the treat I had in my hand. That's about the only hunting related thing he does!
  • Snuggling - As soon as I bring out a blanket on the couch he is SO there. He's also my little heater!
  • Singing - You may have read this earlier, but my dog sings to the CSI Las Vegas theme song - in tune, on beat. It's AWESOME. He also sings to the Two and a Half Men theme song, just not as well.
  • Trotting - When Riley knows I have a treat for him, especially if we're on a walk, he trots. Yup, like a horse, "knees" in the air and dancin' around. HI-larious.
So, that's my pup! Total cheap thrills.

And onto some wardrobe related cheap thrills...enjoy!

BTW...Amrita Singh is having some REALLY good deals right now! I featured a few below...

March 9, 2010

Product Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, B

Hi everyone! Up for review today is Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer. Here is the description at

What it is:
A vitamin-rich, water-based foundation primer.

What it does:
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer creates a smooth, invisible layer that acts as a "buffer" to outside elements and expertly holds foundation. This water-based formula guarantees that your makeup stays fresh and color-true for hours. With vitamins A, C, and E added to protect the skin, Foundation Primer is oil-free and ideal for all skin types.

And now for my review:

The Good: It keeps your face makeup in place and fresh for quite some time. Not the entire day, but close to it. Also, I've never experienced any skin reaction or breakout with this product.

The Bad: It's a bit watery yet you do receive 1.75 ounces for $30. Nonetheless, I love Laura Mercier and I expect close to perfection. Overall, I've tried a few other primers and this one hits the middle of the road for me.

The Verdict: B, it's a decent primer with good-for-your-face ingredients. However, I won't be rebuying as I think Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer is much closer to perfection in my book. You get a bit less with Smashbox's product, one ounce for $36, but I use less as Photo Finish is a thicker, more substantial primer with better results. Plus, you can buy the jumbo for $49 (2 ounces).

So, that's my review!

Anyone have any great foundation primers to share?

March 8, 2010

Oscar Style Roundup - A Few of My Favorites

Hi all! I thought I'd delay Monday's Product Review and instead focus on last night's Oscar Fashions!

Here are a few of my faves!

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de La Renta. Um hello gorgeous. Cam looks like she un-aged (that's not even a word?!) about 10 years. I don't remember the last time her hair was worn down. LOVE IT. Good work Rachel Zoe.

And then there is Demi Mooe in Atelier Versace. The pleating, gathering and ruffles on this dress are just beautiful. Seriously, Demi looks 25. Again, great styling, Rachel Zoe.

Elizabeth Banks in Atelier Versace. YAY for color! This blue is stunning on her. The neutrals and flesh tones are lovely, but thank God for a bit or gorgeous color. And the details are amazing.

Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture. I love the detailing on this dress. It's a bit unconventional - but that's how Diane shuts it down. With her long and lean figure, this halter is just lovely on her. And who doesn't love some Chanel?!

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa. Ok, this dress doesn't look quite as amazing in the photo as it did on screen, but she looked fantastic (and I loved her speech). Her makeup, shiny locks and detailing on the dress were incredible. Don't you just want to be Sandra's friend?!

Those are just a few of my favorite dresses - which looks did you love?!

March 6, 2010

Did AnnaLynne McCord Get My Memo?

Because she looks STUNNING here! No WTFs in this ensemble!

The dress, the hair, the makeup, the bag...all lovely.

There is a stylist God out there somewhere...happy weekend to all!

Photo via: Jordan Strauss/WireImage

PSA: Super Sale at Ann Taylor

The sale starts today (Saturday)!

My apologies to your spouses, boyfriends and/or credit cards...

Happy shopping!

March 5, 2010

WTF Friday: L-insanity Lohan

Happy Friday everyone! It wouldn't be a WTF Friday without some L-insanity Lohan. Linsday is such a pretty young woman - she's also completely wacko. Her fashion choices have spanned from lovely to lazy, cute to crazy and gorgeous to gross. Sad to say - Linds is still riding the bi-polar fashion wagon.

Like the photos below. From left to right....great dress, Linds - nice work. OH - the shoes. WTF?! Nurse Betty found a platform. The center dress - gorgeous, love it - so chic, not a fan of the clunky black pumps, but I'll deal. And then we come to the third look. Apparently Chewbacca wants to be a rapper. Hammer please don't hurt 'em. Note to self and others - always know where your crotch and your caboose are located, do not lose them in your pantalones.

Photo via: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

And one more for good measure...

Um....Linds. Girlfriend looks like she was leaving a Chicago audition and on her way to a Catwoman call. Baffled. Confused. Crimefighter? WTF?!

That's today's WTF L-insanity. Here's hoping that Ms. Lohan starts dressing up to her potential.

Any WTFs to add?! Have a GREAT weekend!

March 4, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: A Little More Ann Taylor

Hi all! Only one more day 'til Friday. Thank God.

For today's edition of Cubicle to Cocktails, I wanted to send a little more love to Ann Taylor. The designers over at AT are surrriouly working it out. Bra-vo.

I love a sheer shirt with a pencil skirt and some punchy peep toes for the cubicle look. This top makes an easy transition to a casual cocktail look with some bright straw wedges (hello yellow). The bag and the necklace can also come along for cocktails, bringing some bling and an extra pop of color.

BTW - the skirt shown in the cubicle look (J. Crew's Unagi Tweed Pencil Skirt in Antique Violet) is super intriguing to me. Love love love that color. Anyone tried it on?

What do you think about today's cubicle to cocktails?

Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

March 3, 2010

Cheap Thrills - Spring Edition

Hi everyone!

Today's edition of Cheap Thrills is all about spring. I love spring fashion - it's a huge awakening from the wool-covered, fleece-lined winter! And in Charlotte it has snowed about, um, 10 times this winter. For you non-Southerners - that's A LOT down here! I'm originally from Chicago, so I don't have a problem with winter, but I cannot wait for spring!

My cheap thrills - spring themed....
  • Easter candy - especially Cadbury eggs and huge Chocolate bunnies
  • The smell of fresh cut grass - it reminds me of soccer season (I played pretty much my entire life)
  • Baby animals - 'tis the season for baby squirrels
  • Magnolia blossoms - since moving to the South I have fallen in love with the site and smell of Magnolia blossoms! Lemony sugary goodness!
And here are a few spring inspired cheap thrills in the Polyvore set below!

March 2, 2010

Etsy Love for Gruhche & Exercise Motivation Rolled Into One

Hey everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, you would have read yesterday that my Etsy package came! I ordered a stunning skirt and gorgeous dress from the gruhche etsy shop - the designer, Vera (Deep In Vogue), is just as sweet as she is talented. I'm a big fan of Etsy, as I believe in supporting independent (and local) talent!

I didn't have a ton of time, but I wanted to snap a few IRL photos of the incredible items that were delivered today! Sorry in advance for the messy room...Riley decided he wanted to play with every single toy at his disposal.

First up, the nude tulle skirt:

This beauty will definitely keep my butt at the gym, literally. The fit is amazing and would look great winterized with black tights and booties - but I wanted to showcase it with some spring/summery looks. My fave look is the striped top with the skirt.

And second, the black mummy dress:

Hawt! This dress is a stunner -  the tulle is wrapped beautifully and the fit is fantastic. It did take some work pulling the dress over the bust area, but hey, it's worth it. The dress material is soft and stretchy.

So, those are my quick reviews of Vera's handiwork. I HIGHLY recommend her pieces - they are beautiful, well-crafted and unique. Oh, and they keep you in the gym. And, what husband doesn't love a tight skirt....just sayin'...

I know Justine is expecting her gruhche purchase any day now....and I have no doubt her styling will be supa fly. You can also check out pictures of lovely Ms. Chloe rockin' out her white mummy dress right here.

I love hearing about other shoppers' favorite Etsy sellers! Please share!