June 30, 2011

Red Alert: Red Lip Round Up

I like red lipstick. That glossy, punchy color transforms any outfit into chicness. I'm pretty positive that any woman can sport red lips given the proper occasion, color, formula etc.

Over the years I've added more than a few options to my red-lipped arsenal...here are my picks for red lips!

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

NARS at ShopStyle

An amazing scarlet shade and a really great formula that wears beautifully on the lips. You can check out my review from a while back right here!

MAC Russian Red

M·A·C at ShopStyle

If you're seeking a serious red that leans on the matte side, Russian Red has got you covered. Word to wise - invest in a red lip pencil so avoid feathering.

Maybelline Color Sensation in Are You Red-dy?

Maybelline at ShopStyle

For a drugstore brand, this formula glides on and keeps that pucker moisturized. This shade is much more of a true red with a touch of orange and I imagine it would fare well on a myriad of skin tones. I reviewed it a while back right here!

Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Fire

I just picked this one up and have received *tons* of compliments when I sport it. Normally I shy away from red glosses with saturated color (typically too much room for error) but this one is gorg. A true red with plenty of pigment and boatloads of shine. The sponge brush is a bit cumbersome, but because I lurve the color, I'll make it work!

What about you? Do you rave about red lips

June 27, 2011

Currently Craving: Shorts, Jorts, Shorties

As previously mentioned, Charlotte NC is hot as hell right now. Because of the heat I have finally waved the white flag and chosen to shave my legs a few times each week...and when I do I feel like I earn the right to wear shorts.

While I love my Joe's rolled jorts (jean shorts) from last summer, I'm looking for a few more options to take me through September. Yes, it stays very hot in Charlotte through September. Sometimes October! I'm looking for easy, machine washable shorts that look great with flat sandals or wedges, cotton tanks or silk tops. Versatility is the name of the game.

Here's a little set of shorties I've had my eye on – each pair less than $80. I really despise paying an arm and a leg for shorts when you're really only getting 1/4 leg.

What are you currently craving?

June 21, 2011

Product Review: Becca Beach Tint, A

It's hot. I mean it's hotttttttttt in Charlotte. And humid. And overall just kinda gross. Thus, I really don't want to wear much makeup at all...or clothing for that matter. But because I don't want to get arrested, I usually end up leaving the house in a t-shirt, shorts and a very, very light dusting of bronzer, mascara and one of my new favorite products, Becca's Beach Tint.

Becca at ShopStyle

A fabulous Charlotte cosmetics and skincare shop, Jeffre Scott Apothecary, introduced me to this fabulous U.K. line a few weeks back and I've pretty much become obsessed with it. I have this tint in Grapefruit, a pale coral pink shade. It smells like grapefruit too! Delightful.

Details from Becca:
BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suits all skin types. Kiss-proof and water-resistant, it dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. Each shade is deliciously scented in its synonymous name.

Key attributes

* 2-in-1 crème stain for cheeks and lips
* Deliciously scented
* Oil Free, Streak Free, and Water-Resistant
* Contains anti-oxidant vitamin E
* Preservative and paraben-free

Artist's tips

* Layer under powder blushes, bronzers, lip balms, and lip-glosses for added intensity

And my review:

The Good: The shade is lovely for my skin tone - just enough pinky-coral flush and it stays forever. Plus, it's water resistant so it's great for the hot weather, beach, pool, etc.

The Bad: Well, it's not cheap ($25 per .24 fl. oz) but you really don't have to use very much to get a nice rosy glow.

The Verdict: Blend away, ladies! This is a great product for a myriad of uses and skin tones and earns an A from me. Plus, if you click on the image above, Bliss is selling a few shades at $20.

June 15, 2011

Dear 16-year-old Me

Hey everyone! I typically don't post too many links to videos, but this one really stuck with me. For all of you who worship the sun or know someone who does, it's so vital that you watch this video. It's important, interesting and moving.

Wear sunscreen, check your skin and use your self-tanner instead of baking in the sun. That goes for guys and girls, young and old. And ladies - for the man in your life who loves to golf, shove some sunscreen in his golf bag in hopes that he will actually use it.

June 13, 2011

Product Review: Pomega5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate, B

Happy Monday to everyone!

My face can take a beating during the summer months. Even though I slather on sunscreen and sport some pretty cute hats, it's no surprise that my skin can look a big splotchy on occasion. A few months back I pulled out Pomega5's Revitalizing Concentrate treatment out of my Birchbox.

These dandelion colored capsules are filled with all sorts of goodness for your face so, of course, I went for it. While it seems counter intuitive, the oils in Pomega5's ampules are like health food for your skin.

Some details from Pomega5:

It may seem a bit strange to put oil all over your face, but this intensely nourishing treatment is exactly what your skin needs—even if it’s oily (very counter intuitive, we know). Each single-use capsule contains a carefully balanced cocktail of vitamin and antioxidant-packed ingredients that work to hydrate, smooth, and brighten skin.

How It Works:
Each ampoule has 60 percent Pomegranate Seed Oil, which is rich in Omega 5 fatty acid, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that spurs cell renewal, encourages collagen production, and soothes skin, and much more. There’s also anti-inflammatory Calendula Oil, hydrating Rosehip Oil, and detoxifying Grapefruit Oil. Pomegranate Seed Oil is especially good for combination skin because it firms skin, minimizes pores, and calms any redness.

How To Use:
Apply to freshly washed skin in the morning and evening. Twist off the small end of the capsule and squeeze the oil onto your fingertips. Gently tap the oil all over your face. Your skin may feel a bit slick at first but the formula absorbs quickly and dries matte. Follow with your regular moisturizer or, if your skin feels good, skip it. If you have oily skin, you can start with a small amount to test the waters and add more if you like.

My review:

The Good: I used this particular product in the evening as I just can't wrap my head around a (literally) oily face all day. My skin absorbed the concentrate beautifully and was very soft, well balanced and glowy the next few days.  

The Bad: The scent of the oil isn't really desirable, but it's not a huge deal. More importantly, it's priced at $48 for 30 ampules. Damn, that's pricey. Granted, I wouldn't be using this product daily as I look at it more like a splurge-worthy face treatment instead of a daily concentrate.

The Verdict: B from me. It's a really incredible product with great benefits, but be prepared to pay for it!

June 9, 2011

Celebrity Style Stalker: Mila Kunis

It's been quite a while since I've posted about some celebrity style stalking...about time, don't you think?!

I'm a big fan of Mila Kunis - she's lovely, talented and has a pretty incredible fashion sense...or stylist. One of the two. Regardless, she wears clothes beautifully and the ensemble below is gorgeous. Thus the inspiration for a little style stalking set!

Photo via: Anthony Harvey/PictureGroup
What do you think of the sheer blouse/skirt combo? Too much pattern? Not bold enough for you? How about the tangerine clutch?

June 6, 2011

Product Review: Osis Dust It, B

Happy Monday to all!

On tap for review today is Osis Dust It - a volumizing powder that I've been playing with for the past few days.
I've recently begun to blow dry my hair more often after gong through a Blow Dry 101 at a local salon in Charlotte. If you ever get a chance to go to one of those classes, do eet. I learned everything from product usage, to brush position to utilizing my hair dryer efficiently. I'm happy to say my locks are now much happier with me.

Details from Amazon:

Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It - Mattifying Powder lets you creative styles with powder consistency while providing a lightweight texture and separation. Gives a soft matt effect with natural movements to your hair. Provides light natural style control. This silica powder and film formers provides for a dry light hold. Similiar to the popular Bumble & Bumble powder, Schwarzkopf Dust It Powder has been receiving amazing reviews from magazines and salon professionals around the world. This powder will give that second day look and feel instantly. Feel the difference and get natural looking hair with a cool, matt finish from OSiI Dust It. Will add great volume; works especially great on fine hair! Directions: Sprinkle small amount of powder into your palms and rub together. Rake through dry hair and lift into style for a matte finish and natural touch. (0.35 oz).

My review:

The Good: This powder definitely gives roots a noticeable lift! Make sure you dust just a bit directly onto the roots an fluff away. Plus, you can reinvigorate the product later in the day if you need a bit of a refresh.

The Bad: Not necessarily bad, but the texture takes some getting used to. It's a bit "gummy" and needs a bit of working with.

The Verdict: B from me. This is a cool product overall. It's not a necessity but it's a nice option to have in your hair care arsenal to volumize those roots! 

June 1, 2011

Product Review: Laura Gellar Liquid Candlelight, B+

I would like to resemble a mini J Lo. I'm not talking about the girlfriend 'tude (which, um, I probably have anyway) but I'm talking about the picture perfect skin, incredible makeup and crazy styled hair. But because I don't have the funds or the time to get there on a consistent basis, I turn to fun products to amplify that glow in a pinch.

Therefore, it was perfect that I finally used my sample of Laura Gellar's Liquid Candlelight while I was frolicking around in Las Vegas this past weekend. Hey, if Botoxed grandma's can sports sequined minis, I can certainly sport a face with glowy cheeks and temples.

Laura Geller at ShopStyle

In the past I've used Benefit's High Beam highlighter, which I'm a fan of, but this particular product is a completely different consistency and shade. You can scoop up this product at a variety of department store makeup counters, Beauty.com, Amazon, etc. Expect to pay $23.50 for .65 ounces.

Some deets about Liquid Candlelight:

A sheer, lightweight, oil-free liquid face and body glow. This sheer, light-reflective formula chases shadows and blurs away little lines and flaws so your skin will look younger, fresher, firmer. Stroke some on after your makeup to highlight your eyes, cheekbones or decollete. You can even mix it with your favorite moisturizer or foundation to give your complexion a hint of luminosity.

Exclusive Multi Mineral Complex – Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, and Lysine help protect skin. Gentle Chamomile calms and soothes skin. Vitamins A & E help ward off signs of aging while conditioning and moisturizing skin. Powerful antioxidants Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract and Ginseng Root Extract work together to protect skin. Advanced skin brightener softly enhances skin tone and luminosity.

Enhanced with an exclusive "Mineral Complex" providing light-refractive and skin protective properties. Multi-faceted shading brightens up any skin tone - diminishing signs of fatigue. Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil free.

My review:

The Good: The shade of this liquid luminizer is a lovely, shimmery pale gold. I imagine it would look gorgeous on a variety of skin tones and blends extremely easily Swipe it on your cheekbones and temples and bam...mini J Lo.

The Bad: It's a bit thin - I would have preferred a product with a thicker consistency. Plus, considering the thinner consistency I felt like I had to use a bit more product...not a fab sign for a pricey product!

The Verdict: B+ from me. If I had coin to burn, this product is pretty fab. It also looks amazing on the collarbone and decollete in the summer! Definitely worth a try if you're looking for a new golden luminizer.