September 29, 2011

Local Love: Laura James Jewelry & A Giveaway!

There are few things I love more than jewelry. Just ask my mother. As a tyke I would pile on strands upon strands of necklaces, throw on some earrings and paraded my arms with jelly bracelets way before stacks of bangles were hot.

Years ago when I moved to Charlotte I spent a good amount of time exploring the local boutique scene. While Charlotte certainly has its share of shopping, Laura James Jewelry more ways than one!

Yes, this local Charlotte shop, owned by the eponymous Laura James, crafts gorgeous gem creations. Laura uses many stunning vintage items in her pieces - ranging from Swarovski crystals to brass chains. She's even used a few crystals from a vintage chandelier - you can check out that stunner right here! And her new couture collection is absolutely drool worthy. Let me wipe down my keyboard. All photos are courtesy of Laura James Jewelry.

When I asked Laura, who is just as sweet as talented as can be, about fall jewelry trends she was more than happy to share the following...

Jewel tones – Especially deep purple, vibrant emerald, and stunning sapphire shades.

Collar necklaces – Statement pieces that accessorize your neck like no other necklace could.

Mixed metals – Pyrite, gold, silver, rose gold,'s all pretty and it all works together with ease.

With all that said, there are two super exciting items you need to consider...

1) Once per month, Laura James Jewelry (online and in-store) hosts a "Chic Sprint" – a one day only sale, where one webpage full of jewelry is offered for 50% off. For serious. And you won't know about the Chic Sprint until the morning of. Want to get on the notification list? Sign up here.

A little birdy told me that Chic Sprint starts TODAY. Woot...get to it and shop happy on the Chic Sprint page! These beauties go fast.

2) Laura is offering a giveaway to the fabulous CCC readers! These precious whistle earrings could be yours!

To enter this giveaway, do the following by Monday, October 3 at 12:00 midnight EST:
  • One entry: Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your email address and your favorite Laura James Jewelry item. 
  • One additional entry: Tweet about this giveaway and leave a separate comment letting me know you did so...and your Twitter handle so I can follow you!
Good luck and happy shopping! 

September 23, 2011

WTF: A for Effort, F for Execution

Ahhhh Friday...happy day to all!

As many of you probably know, I like posting Fabulous Friday. I love seeing celebs and gorgeous peeps trot about in stunning ensembles. I also have an appreciation when these lovely folks get it wrong. So wrong.

For example, we have the adorable Demi Lovato. Who I think is super cute but *trying* way too hard here.

Photo via: Theo Wargo/Getty
Oh girlfriend. Pick ONE feature or ONE trend and go with it. We don't need to see animal print, tight fit, bewbs, asymmetrical hem and off the shoulder top. You get one. Maybe two. Too much this time, lovely lady. Real it in. Your hair looks pretty, though.

And how about the stunning model Petra Nemcova?

Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty
Erm. Petra. You're so pretty. Why did you think it's a great idea to thief your grandmother's Chinese curtains and wear it emblazoned across your lower half? This looks like a bad student sewing project. Ack.

That's all I have today - have a wonderful weekend, folks!

September 20, 2011

Stitch Fix: Shopping To My Doorstep

So, a few weeks back one of my colleagues told me about Stitch Fix. My ears perked up when I heard about customized fashion delivered to your doorstep. A kind of Birchbox for your closet, but you send back whatever clothing items you don't like. Free shipping both ways. For serious.

Could it be true?! Indeed it is. This sweet startup is making waves with their (IMO) brilliant shopping experience. How does it work? Here you go...

1. Head to Stitch Fix and sign up. The site and Twitter handle state that using this referral link to move your name up the list! You may have to wait a few weeks as they're growing like crazy.

2.  Stitch Fix will then email you a detailed survey regarding your style, sizes and approximate price points you spend on various items...dresses, jackets, sweaters, accessories, etc.

3.  After your data is compiled, you'll be asked to send a one-time $20 payment via Paypal to start your Stitch Fix account. This $20 credit is applied to your first Stitch Fix (your first monthly box of clothing/fashion). If you end up sending everything back, that one $20 credit is forfeited. Otherwise, it's applied to whatever you purchase that month.

4.  A few weeks later, your first Stitch Fix will arrive! Some pics of my first box below - not the highest quality of photos. It included two dresses, one sweater, one blouse and one bangle. They definitely read through my survey in regards to my sizes, style and preferred price points. I kept an awesome Line and Dot top with a fab asymmetrical hem. I would have also kept the BB Dakota dress, had I not *just* bought it! How's that for using the knowledge gleaned through the survey?! Each garment is also tagged with some Stitch Fix suggestions on ways to wear each item and info about the brands.

5.  You keep what you want from the box and send back what you don't by the following Monday. Yes, they give you a prepaid shipping enveloped to send anything back that you don't want! Notes: 25% off the total price if you want to keep all five items in your Stitch Fix. As a whole, prices were fairly competitive with most shopping websites and retail locations.

6.  Every box comes with a survey where you can give feedback on the style, fit and price. This info, I imagine, is crucial to the folks at Stitch Fix. The point is to learn from what you like and don't like and improve their picks with each delivery.

7.  So, what types of brands does Stitch Fix send you? Obviously, it depends on your style, tastes and price points, but expect mid-range brands like BB Dakota, Greylin, Charlie Jade, Velvet Heart, Line and Dot and more. You can also check them out on their website, blog, or Twitter.

I'm oh-so-looking forward to next month's fix!

September 16, 2011

WTF Friday: Busting Out The Busts

Since when did busting out the girls become the new it thang? I'm all for celebrating the ladies (tastefully), but these two celebs are taking it to a whole new level.

Cases in point..up first is Christina Hendricks from Mad Men...

Photo via: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company
Ok, girlfriend has a fab, super curvaceous bod. There's really no reason to stuff herself into a satin Lanvin to show it off...THAT much. Her bewbs look like their about to launch a full on assault.

Another another lovely lady, Salma Hayek.

Photo via: Flynetonline
Again...yes. Salma. We know you're a petite, yet curvy, lady...why are you pushing your twinsies up to your chin in this fab McQueen? It looks awkward, you look uncomfortable and it can't be easy to recover from that.

So, friends, what say you? Too much bust or bust 'em out if you got 'em? 

September 14, 2011

Wear It 3 Ways: Sheer Maxi Skirt

I've been crushing on a sheer maxi skirt. First I saw one in InStyle. Then I saw the adorbs Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy rockin' one from ASOS. And most recently I spotted one on a local Fashion's Night Out runway. And now I really want one.

True to form, I really like to dream up outfit options before I pull the so-called trigger on a trendy piece. Therefore, here's three different way to wear a sheer (or partially sheer) maxi skirt for fall...

Look #1 - Fancy-ish: Yup. Sport that skirt to a nice dinner, a rehearsal dinner or any occasion you just can't fathom wearing a dress yet again.

Look #2 - Upscale Day:
Want to head to a fashionista brunch? Or just look damn fabulous while shopping or running errands. Here you go. And who doesn't dig a faux fur vest?!

Look #3 - Day To Night: Utilize that denim shirt in your wardrobe, layer it over a long sleeve tee and you can easily transition from day to night. Plus, with a lovely wide scoop neck and wide belt, this look is gorgeous for cocktail hour - without the denim shirt.

So - who wants a semi sheer maxi for fall? ***my hand is up*** \O

September 11, 2011

Remember 9/11

The heroes, the civilians and the unity that occurred after the tragedy.

September 9, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Color Me Happy

Happy Friday to all!

In today's edition of Fabulous Friday, two ladies are lighting up the red carpet with unique and gorgeously colored dresses.

First up, a youngin' who, as of late, has been positively killin' it on the silver screen and in her fashion choices – Ms. Emma Stone.

Via Francois Durand/Getty
This mustard colored Roland Mouret looks to be an incredibly well cut gown with such an ease about it. I don't know very many folks who can wear this burnt shade of yellow, but Emma sure can. And how much do I love her as a redhead?! I could not wrap my brain around her super blond hair, even though I know that's her natural hair color.

And second, Gwyneth Paltrow in a gorgeous tangerine stunner by Lanvin.

Via Richard Young/Startraks
Not only do I love the color, I adore the draping and the effortless fit on the dress. I initially wasn't a huge fan of the red peep toe booties to finish off this look, but the color combo is slowly growing on me. It's bold, that's for sure.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

September 7, 2011

Currently Craving: Fall Fashion List

I love lists. All sorts of lists. To-do lists. Grocery lists. And my most favorite, the fall shopping list.

Since it's September, I feel comfortable moving forward with what I'm currently craving for fall. I've kept it to just five items (for now) so my poor husband doesn't a) have a heart attack and b) hide my credit cards.

1) Kick ass booties: I'm looking for something with a bit of edge and/or hardware. Must be leather so I can beat the crap out of it and have some staying power. i.e. not super duper trendy, but not simplistic either. I'm pretty partial to the Ash booties shown in the set below...

2) Cozy sweaters: Space dyed, nubby wools, sweaters and overall cozy coziness. I'm already craving them and it's still 85 degrees in Charlotte.

3) Ladylike blouses: Soft, feminine blouses that I can tuck into my super flared denim or sport loosely or belted with a pair of skinnies and boots. 

4) Red pants: As I mentioned in prior posts, I want me some red pants. Skinnies, flare, wide leg, whatever. I like 'em all.

5) Chunky boot socks: It's a super affordable purchase (you're welcome, husband) but I'm really looking forward to stacking these thick socks over skinnies and under boots, peeking out just at the top.

So, that's my (abbreviated) fall fashion list. What's on your short list?

September 2, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Effortless Dresses

Happy Friday to all! I hope you're all ready for a great extended weekend!

To kick it off stylishly I have give you three fabulously dressed ladies...

First up...Diane Kruger in Elie Saab...

Via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

So pretty, so ethereal! Normally Diane pushes the edgy envelope but she looks positively lovely here. And it's most certainly worth noting the wonderful, simplistic styling here - loose waves, natural, shimmery makeup and a gorgeous bracelet.

Next, Eva Longoria in a spicy red number...

Via Hellmuth Dominguez/Pacific Coast
A basic shirt dress in a stunning color. I actually like the baby peep toes too!

And last but not least, Sofia Vergara...

How fab does she look in this dress? I really love this silhouette on her! It's not super tight but rather expert draping. Sofia looks lean and gorgeous.

A common theme among these ladies - they all look stunningly effortless...regardless of the intricacy of the ensemble. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!