December 10, 2012

Top 5 Maternity Items For Cold Weather

Yeah yeah, I know many of you are probably thinking of your adorable, sparkly holiday outfits and not anything even remotely maternity-esque. But for those who are pregnant or are looking to become so, I've rounded up my top five must-haves* for those ladies incubating a little one during a chilly season.

*And yes, I am completely sick of said items, but they've become tried and true over the past few months!

1. Leggings: Sure, this may seem obvious, but it's tough to strike the balance of affordable and non-transparent leggings when it comes to maternity wear. I personally prefer Gap's crop maternity version but it looks like they stopped selling that length in the fall. I have no doubt that their full length version is just as comfy and flattering. I think I have at least five pairs of said leggings on rotation. While I love designer denim, at the very late stages of pregnancy I have little interest in pulling on anything that isn't 100% stretch.

2. Winter coat: This was a tough one. I didn't want to really test the limits of my pricey North Face fleece so around the 28-30 week mark I started looking for a warm and non-offensive coat that I could actually button/zip/snap around my bump. Of all places, guess where I found a total winner? Walmart. Yes. Walmart.

No, I didn't venture in store because apparently many Walmarts do not carry many maternity goods. I bought this maternity puffer jacket (in black) online for $21 plus $.97 shipping. It has been worth every single penny. It's comfortable, fits nicely and is damn warm - it even hosts a fleece lining and a hood. It looks like the version I grabbed currently out of stock online, but either check back or take a peek at the regular sized Faded Glory puffer coats in a size or two up. I've also seen a few cute, really affordable options at Old Navy.

3. Seamless tanks: When your belly starts a bustin' out, you'll want something smooth and comfy to sport keep things under wraps beneath sweaters and cardigans. Some of my favorite seamless tanks are from the BeMaternity line at Target in addition to a handful I purchased at Pea In the Pod.

4. Awesome, flat boots: Take your pick, friends. I'm sure you figured, but sporting super high heels while very pregnant is not the smartest thing. Your back already aches, so adding additional pressure probably isn't the best idea. To go along with all of those rockin' leggings, go ahead and indulge in some great flat - 1.5" heeled boots. A few of my picks are below - just make sure that your boots have proper tread on the bottom! Otherwise you could pull a Coley and totally bite it on the mall floor when your soles are a little wet. Impressive, I know.

5. Open cardigans, sweaters and jackets: Look, if you can buy things that you can wear now and possibly later, all the better. I've found a ton of really cute open sweaters and jackets that are non-maternity so I don't feel like I'm blowing my cash on maternity specific goods. Pair said topper with a seamless tank or fitted sweater and you're good to go. Here are a few options...

Have a great Monday, all!