January 8, 2013

Product review: Benefit Hervana Blush, A

Ah the perfect flush. The "Oh hai, I just got done trotting a 5k" cheeks can be hard to come by. However, I have found a new blush that I'm just tickled over - Benefit's Hervana. While this cheeky cheeker runs $28 per package, I contend it's well worth it.

About Hervana via Sephora:

What it is:
A "good karma" face powder.

What it does:
This powder in four shades–Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose and Berry Delight–blend together perfectly for an orchid-blossom blush with a soft satin finish. Swirl and sweep it on for a heavenly flush of enlightenment.

What else you need to know:
For an extra-angelic look, dot High Beam from cheekbones to temples. It's like a halo of highlighting!

My Review:

The Good: Color saturation is the bombdotcom. There's no glitter and really, I don't see much shimmer either. And guess what - this powder blush actually stays put for more than an hour. Since I'm not exactly painting on a full face of makeup these days, I find that a few swipes of Hervana really keep my face looking fresh, rosy and alive.

The Bad: $28 may be a little steep, but considering the color payoff I'd say it's justifiable.

The Verdict: Hervana earns an A from me! I'm seriously considering making this a staple in my makeup bag.