May 2, 2011

Getting Along Swimmingly...

Guess what, ladies? It's May. That's right - summer is well on its way. Gone are the days of chunky ribbed sweaters, leggings, riding boots and cords. And what is critical for summer? Swim suits.

Whether you delight or despise swimwear, you can't very well wear a trashbag to da beach. I have a few vacations coming up in the next few months, so I was recently on the prowl for a few swimwear options. For those of you seeking new swimwear, check out many of the sample sale sites (look to the right) or even check out - I scored some fab options from L*Space on sale!

Because I'm not exactly, ahem, proportional...I typically purchase separates and mix and match. Thus, that's why I dig L*Space so much. I have a whole matrix of options now!

What kind of swimsuit are you searching for?