November 1, 2011

Product Review: Ahava Mineral Hand Cream, A-

Ooooh what's that smell? It's Ahava Mineral Hand Cream and it's today's review of the day!

Yup, a month or so back I received a deluxe sample tube of Ahava Mineral Hand Cream from Birchbox and have been portioning off little squeezes at a time ever since! I remember reading a while back that besides her face, a woman first shows her age on her hands. So, it seems appropriate that I diligently lather up my mitts before heading to bed every night. This is a perfect job for this hand cream!

Ahava at ShopStyle

Details from The Skin Store:
This extremely rich cream provides your hands with deep nourishment and hydration, instantly soothing chapped, dry surfaces and imparting healthy, satiny softness for increased comfort throughout the day. Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling and restores vitality for supple, softer and younger looking hands. Approved for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. Paraben free.

My Review:

The Good: This smells de-freakin'-lightful. It also moisturizes beautifully and my hands really thank me in the morning. Done and done!

The Bad: For hand cream, it's a bit pricey - $20 per 3.4 oz tube. However, SkinStore is running a 20% off coupon code: G2GWIN. That's winning.

The Verdict: A- overall. It's a fabulous hand cream for a bit of an elevated price point. If you want to care for your hands, this is a great way to go.