July 17, 2012

A Note About Makeup and Aminal Testing

Over the past few years, I've become increasingly aware of the products I put on and in my bod. This includes the expected things - food, sunscreen, medication etc. And while I do a decent job of checking labels and such,  I feel like I could do a better job purchasing cosmetics and skincare from companies that don't test on animals. Frankly, I feel like we've gotten far enough as a society (scientific advancements and such) that we probably don't need Mr. Bunny's eyes to test out mascara. Just my two cents.

Is every makeup item in my bag cruelty-free? No, I'm sure not. However, I would like to be more intentional regarding my future beauty care purchases. I like animals and I'd very much prefer that boatloads of companies didn't test on their furry little faces and bodies.

This is by no means a plight to ask all blog readers to pitch every makeup product in her arsenal aif it's not created by a cruelty free company. It's just my overarching intention on shopping more carefully. If you're looking for a solid resource on which companies test on animals, check out PETA's easy-to-use database of cruelty free companies where you can get your search on. And for those with a smartphone, there's a pretty great app called Cruelty-Free where you can search said companies and products while you're on the go. It's not quite as robust as PETA's list, but it's a nice tool to have in your pocket. 

That being said, here's a quick set of some of my fave products, all from companies that do not test on our furry friends!