July 31, 2012

When you're with child...

As in incubating a tiny human, your style changes a bit. I'm not insinuating that your intended style and preferences change. No no, what you can physically wear changes. And it changes pretty early on.

I'm by no means an expert on maternity fashion. I've only been with child for 4-5 months now. But, in the early-ish weeks of pregnancy (6-15 weeks) many women will deal with a host of baby related bodily goodies. This can range from morning sickness, to a substantial amount of bloat, to an early showing of a baby bump. Your jeans may be tight.  You may feel like anything even remotely constricting your belly will make you toss your cookies. You may look you have a muffin top...or shall I rename it a baby top? Whatever. You have to adjust now and for the next number of months before the kid makes its official arrival.

Now that we're all caught up to speed, if you know of someone who is pregnant, looking to become pregnant or simply has a soft spot for those who are, feel free to peruse my take on helpful early-pregnancy fashion. For the rest of you, don't fret, this blog will not morph into one that is solely maternity and baby focused. Shopping, fashion cravings and product reviews are here to stay.

Some critical items for early-ish pregnancy (for many, this means the 1st trimester):
  • Vests: Yep. Something you can actually wear now and later as it's not constricting! Add some color and flavor to your ensemble.
  • Button down shirts: You may want to buy up on size because of your impending bump. I've been loving on GAP's chambray snap button shirt as of late. I'll wear this item until I can't snap it anymore and then start wearing it open with skinny jeans, etc.
  • Scarves: When your belly is at the crossroads of "perceived beer gut" and "little baby bump", scarves are your BFF. Wrap and drape at will.
  • Low rise anything: Leggings, workout shorts, jeggings, and more. If said bottom can fit under the blossoming belly, it's a winner. I had to nix my awesome, 70s inspired mid-rise flare jeans pretty early on.
  • Belly band: An item that can be found at many a maternity store, Target, etc. This snazzy belly bandeau keep your jeans or shorts up (and the fasteners down) when you can properly button every button or zip every zipper.
  • Comfortable bras: Whether you buy a coobie, a soft sports bra or go for a sweet microfiber nursing bra, you'll want comfort for your sisters. At all times. When you sleep, when you walk around your house, when you go out to dinner. Yes, you will likely want to go wire free.

Here's to many fashionable and comfortable months ahead, ladies!