August 29, 2012

Product Review: Eyeko Fat Stick, C-

You know that phrase, "Too good to be true"? Yeah, well, that's what I thought of when I used one of my recent Birchbox products, Eyeko's Fat Eye Stick in Old Gold. This smudgey stick can be found on Birchbox for $15 for a .14 oz.
About Eyeko Fat Eye Stick:

How it Works
Anyone can pull off these rich colors. Black is an intense charcoal, Petrol Blue is a deep blue that’s oh-so-edgy, and Old Gold is a metallic hue with olive undertones.

How to Use
Each creamy stick contains endless possibilities. Apply along your lashline and smudge out past the outer corners of your eyes for winged effects. Shade your lids and blend with your fingers to wear as a shadow, or dab a bit around the inner corners of your eyes for a discreet pop of color. For long-lasting pigments, use an eye primer.  

My Review:

The Good: The color, Old Gold, is a smokey greenish gold-grey. The shade is really oh-so pretty. And the product definitely smolders onto the eyelid and lashline.

The Bad: Well, beyond the pretty shade, this product was kind of a hot mess on my eye when used as a cream shadow. When they say smolder, they kind of mean smudge. All over your lid. Even with a fair amount of lid primer, this product bled almost up to my eyebrow.

The Verdict: C-. If you're using this strictly as a liner and a lower lashline smudge option, great. If you prefer to use it as a cream eyeshadow smudge, beware, this one can get messy.