August 7, 2012

Currently Craving: Shopping The Limited

It all started with a coupon. At least that what my aunt says. And it's true. I was having a nice lunch with my mom, aunt and grandmother when my aunt needed to "quickly pop in" The Limited to use some of her bonus bucks she had acquired over the past few weeks. Let's just say it wasn't a quick pop...all of us left with a bag...even grandma.

For me, The Limited is hit or miss. Sometimes I'll find a variety of cute blousy tops to wear with skinny jeans, a smattering of perfect belt and a nice selection of transition wear (work-ish to cocktail hour). Other times I'll completely strike out. However, as of late, I was pretty impressed with what's happening in store.

One big note to make - in my opinion, The Limited's sizing is all over the place. Typically tops run large. But not always. Thus, you have to try everything on. Le sigh. Part of the game, I guess. Here are a few unquestionably cute items I spied at Limited over the weekend...happy shopping, all!

The Limited, Ranjana Khan