October 2, 2012

Fall Nailed It!

I go through fits of painting my nails. I love how my digits look all glossy and sheeny-shiny. Thus, there will be weeks in a row when said fingers look quite polished and pretty. And then I'll fall off the proverbial bandwagon and showcase naked nails for a month or two.

Currently, I'm on a nail upswing...with a few of my fave brands being Zoya, Butter and OPI. Sure, I like Essie too, but I find that particular brand chips a bit more than the others. With fall fulling encasing the fashions, it's time for me to temporarily retire a few of my summer shades and dive into the autumnal colors. Here are a few that I'm keeping my eye on...

1) Butter Chancer: A deep, crushed glitter red that will be bangin' for the holidays. I have to say, even though Butter's laquers are pricey ($14 ish per pop), the brush is like no other. The polish simply glides on...swear!

2) Butter Yummy Mummy:
This was a fall-release shade from last year, but I love this color for all seasons. It's a shimmy greige and pretty on toes and fingers. Plus, for those who need to keep a neutral nail, this keeps things just a bit more interesting.

3) Butter Knackered: For those who seek something a bit psychedelic, this purple/green/silver metallic looks incredibly fun. I would say this polish should be reserved for short nails as it's a bit much for the ladies with talons.

4) Zoya Monica: From the NYFW designer collection, Monica looks dramatic and dark. A kind of upper end goth with its "dark, soft blue-toned purple with a glossy cream finish."
  Zoya-Nail-Polish-Monica-ZP628 Item Image Large

5) Zoya Gilty Pleasure Box: Um, 18K gold flakes on yo' nails? Ok, sure, I'll bite! Too bad this hot little collection is sold out already. Maybe, just maybe, they'll bring 'er back?!

 Gilty Pleasures 18K Real Gold Nail Polish Topcoat Trio Box

6) Zoya Blaze: Described as "a full coverage, cool undertone plum with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter," this shade sounds like a red plum disco ball. YES.

So, which polishes are you crazy for this fall?!