October 16, 2012

Tips & 6 Products for an Awesome Wedding Face

I truly enjoy putting on makeup. I find it therapeutic. I also enjoy purchasing makeup and applying it to others' faces. Odd? Maybe. Awesome? Surely.

Regardless, my lovely sister-in-law entrusted her pretty face to me for her wedding day makeup application. I was seriously stoked to pull together a fresh makeup look for her. Natural but glowy and gorgeous.

Since I also put together my own makeup face for my big day, here are a three tips and six products for a gorgeous wedding face.


1) Do invest in a really good base for yo' face. This includes foundation, concealer and powder. Trust me, the last thing you want is your face lookin' a different shade than the rest of your body. Not cute for memories. Check said makeup in various lights and with and without a camera flash!

2) Take a bit of a heavier hand on your eye makeup and blush. Not only is this so you look extra vibrant in photos, but as you hug, kiss and dance throughout the evening, makeup can and will wear off.

3) Unless you have a super themed-type wedding (black and white, New Years Eve, etc), keep your makeup neutral but with a punch. Super dark, kohl rimmed eyes or red lips are gorgeous, but it's tough to maintain those looks throughout the day. 

6 Products for an Awesome Wedding Face: Behold, my set of goodies!