June 4, 2009

Blade, Laser...and BLAZER...

Ok, Dodgeball references aside, blazers of all shapes, sizes and colors have recently been making there way onto the tiny shoulders of many celebrities. Although I first had a strong aversion to the "boyfriend blazer", as it brought back way too many eighties memories, I'm starting to embrace it. When the blazer is fitted, even when it's longer, it creates a really fresh look with either formal or casual attire.

I really enjoy this Aqua option from Bloomingdale's. At $88, it's not too steep if it fits well and you can get a good amount of wear out of it. It also has a nice surprise with the great striped lining that adds some interest when you roll up the sleeves. Pair this blazer with distressed, skinny jeans, a slim tank and a statement necklace or a strapless cocktail dress to tone down some frilly formal wear.

Phillip Lim Runway

And for kicks...Blade, Lazer and BLAZER. Thank you Purple Cobras and thank you Dodgeball.

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