June 9, 2009

Booty shorts are not for everyone...

If you have been to any retail outlet in the last few months, you may have noticed that there are typically three short lengths.

1) Booty shorts/Short shorts: The name says it all. They barely cover your caboose. Typically inappropriate and not cute unless you're making a guest appearance in a Lil' Wayne video.

Case and point: These are actually from American Eagle; I tried them on today. The inseam is a mere 2". I saw even shorter and much more offensive options outside of AE. I would have to buy these two sizes larger to be able to put them lower on my hips (thus making them "longer") to feel comfortable wearing them anywhere except the pool. AE Favorite Short, $24.95

2) Boyfriend shorts/Cut offs: Cute for a day at the beach or for scooting around town.

Case and point: I saw this pair at Nordstroms. Nice length and very appropriate for a casual beach or errand day. The inseam uncuffed is 6", so cuffed would be roughly 4-5". Vigoss Stretch Denim Boyfriend Short, $46

3) Bermudas/City shorts: Longer shorts that look great with heels or wedges but can also look nicely put together with strappy flats.

Case and point: This pair from Target does the job at a very affordable price. It's easy to dress these up or down. Mossimo Black Bermuda Short, $19.99

Coley's Short Conundrum...

So, what do you wear to an outdoor work event when the weather is in the 90's, but you don't want to look like a street walker or a beach bum? That was the problem I was presented with just days ago. After three stores and many pairs attempted, I settled on Express's Cotton Sateen Wide Loop Short, $37.12.

With a 4.5" inseam they are literally inches longer than other options that I ran into, but are still short enough to stay cool. Not only will these little (but not too little) shorts look great with flats or flip flops, but I venture that they will look cute with wedges too! I took a size 2 in these shorts.

As always, Express runs tons of in-store promos, and if you want to order anything online, use promo code 2541 for $20 off $50 or $30 off $100. I believe this coupon expires 06/30/09.

That's the long and short of it!

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