June 27, 2009

Review: Strap Perfect - The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution, A-

Many of you have probably witnessed the "Strap Perfect" TV commercials. The little Strap Perfect supposedly conceals bra straps instantly and adds a cup size. I think they may even promise you riches and happiness throughout life, too. I kid, I kid!

Nevertheless, I picked up this little TV infomercial-promoted wonder to give it a try. I paid $9.95 at my local CVS. Bottom line - I hate when my bra straps show and quite a few racerback tanks have recently made their way into my closet - so I figured its worth a try.

The box comes complete with six Strap Perfect clips - two clear, two nude and two black. In addition, they include 24 pieces of invisible style tape.

So, did it work?
Yes. I tried out the nude clip with my traditional Victoria Secret Body bra and it certainly did its job. It did, however, take a bit of practice to make sure that the clip was secured and not peeking out from behind my racerback tank. My traditional bra instantly became racerback style and the clip didn't bug me the least bit.

Did it instantly add a full cup size ?
Not for me, and I'm just fine with that. It did provide a bit of lift though, simply because your hiking up your bra.

Total Review: A-
The only reason this product gets an A- and not an A+ is because you have to work with the clip just a bit.

Happy Saturday!


gigiofca said...

I have been so curious whether these work or not. Good info!

Samsmom said...

Glad to know about this product!! Thanks for the review!!

Coley said...

Gigi - I think it's certainly work it. Beats purchasing a whole slew of racerback bras!

Samsmom - Glad to review!