September 29, 2010

A Mission: Find My Buddy Some Chocolate Brown Pumps

So, as many of you and many of my friends know how much I love to shop and scoure shopping sites for specialty items. My lovely friend Julia is looking for a very specific pair of chocolate brown pumps to add to her fall wardrobe. And she sent me a request to find these elusive shoes with the following restraints....
  • Brown pump suitable for work (she's a lawyer and in the court room often)
  • Heel height: 2-2.5" (comfortable enough to walk around in)
  • Some type of texture or embellishment on the shoe (she doesn't like the look of flat brown leather pumps)
  • Not insanely expensive (ok, I added this one in for good measure)
And here's what I came up with! Some of these host a bit taller of a heel, while some vary in color. I wanted to give Julia some options to wear with navy, brown, tan, etc.

So friends, how did I do? I like missions....