September 3, 2010

WTF Friday: Pants Free & Chin Rests

Happy Friday to all! It's been a super, SUPER busy week for me but I just couldn't help myself from posting the follow WTFs. First up...a repeat offender...Ms. Mischa Barton...

Photo via: INF

Um...pants....are....good. Even in the summer. Even if you think your kitschy cool. Mischa, darling, please burn that fugtastic vest and put on some pants. We've seen you look gorgeous, get back to it. Thanks, bai.

And then one of the most gawwwwgeous women in Hollywood (in my opinion), Salma Hayek. While I understand many classy and lovely women feel the need to flaunt their curves, this is just a bit insane...and inane.
Photo via: BEL/Fame
Her sisters are positively screaming for air. Do not encase your sisters in zipped leather...even if you are Salma Hayek...even if you are seeking a chin rest. There are better ways, ladies.

That's it for today - have an amazing Labor Day weekend, all!