October 28, 2010

Weekend Fun & Carrie Underwood

Ok ok, so normally I reserve Fridays for WTF Friday but I have to take 30 seconds to break out my jazz hands & get really excited for this weekend...why, you ask?!

Well, on Saturday I get to meet Carrie Underwood before her concert in Charlotte!

Holy sheet. This is all because of vitaminwater & their local community ties and I am so so so excited & thankful. Can you tell?!

Because of vitaminwater's overall fabulosity I also have pretty kick ass seats.

So...two comments & a question for y'all...

1) I love vitaminwater...seriously. That goes for their products (yay for stevia) & their local focus.

2) I adore Carrie Underwood's music. Adore.

3) What should I wear? Chime in pretty please. I'm thinking skinny jeans, heels and a light weight silky top. Thoughts?!

Happy weekend!