October 18, 2010

Product Review: Hems Gems, A-

Hellllllooooooo friends!

Happy Monday to all. Today's review centers around a really nifty product called Hem Gems. For those of you who are vertically challenged like me, or just seek more length options with your denim, these little babies are fa-bu-lous. A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and purchased the Classic Rivet Hem Gems in Gold.

How It Works: (straight from the Hem Gems website)

And my review...

The Good: Such a cool product! The push pin type Hem Gems absolutely keep the internal cuff in place. Plus the gold rivets look pretty chic and non-obtrusive.

The Bad: Even though they give you clear instructions, removing the backing from the Hem Gems proved to be a bit difficult. Read the instructions, folks. Plus, while $20 isn't  super expensive, it's not cheap for a wee product such as this.

The Verdict: A-! A really solid product that I certainly recommend to my not so tall friends and the ladies who are jean hoarders like me!