October 8, 2010

WTF Friday: Grandma's Closet & Albino Gorillas

Hey everyone! Happy Friday to you all. Here's hoping you have a great weekend ahead.

Up for WTF'dom are two lovely ladies, each with eccentric styles that I occasionally adore, and yet occasionally abhore.

First up, the stunning and talented Rihanna...

Photo via: Pascal Le Segretian/Getty

Nevermind that the print hurts my eyes just a bit. Try to ignore the odd Mrs. Roper-like length of the dress. What kills me are the blue and black bobby socks with the red pumps. Now, I think some looks car handle sheer socks with pumps, or layered socks under boots but this looks ridic. Ri Ri, did your feet get chilly while sporting this ensemble? Ankles up, acceptable. Ankles down, fugtastic.

And then we have the adorable Ms. Mary Kate Olsen...

Photo via: INF
Hmm. MK, did you skin a blondie Big Foot? I don't mind faux furs, but it looks like you're giving one of those albino gorillas a piggy-back ride around town. Shave that fur, girlfriend.

That's it for today, folks! Happy weekend!