January 3, 2012

Working Out In 2012

I'm not crazy about resolutions. I prefer to add goals and aspirations into my life versus a black or white, what I can and cannot do for a resolution. That being said, working out more often is a common resolution for many and one of my personal goals for 2012. And what makes me motivated to work out harder? New athletic gear! Woot.

Whether you aspire to bench your body weight, run a 10k, hit that Bird of Paradise or anything in between, fab workout gear will help you get there. And you'll look so good getting there!

Sports Bras: For the ladies with ladies, or if you're just seeking a really supportive, well made sports bra, look no further than Moving Comfort. I particularly enjoy the Calli and Juno varieties. Try Amazon for some awesome deals. 

Yoga Pants: I love me some lululemon, but if you're not game for splurging for a pair of (extraordinarily awesome) yoga pants, both Prana and Zobha make fantastic, stretchy and long lasting yoga leggings. They're not cheap, but expect to spend $40-$70 instead of $80-$100 for lulu. 

Multi-use tops: Whether you're weight lifting, biking or dancing, plain tees from American Apparel are an affordable, well cut choice. If it's tanks you seek, lululemon and Stella McCartney's Adidas line make the cutest sleeveless options. You have a right to bear arms, rawr.

Cold weather gear: Both Under Armour and Nike make great cold gear lines. My faves include the Under Armour's Cold Gear fleece turtlenecks (great for outdoor running) and Nike's Hyperwarm long sleeve shirts. As for vests, nab a cheapie fleece vest from Old Navy and pop that over for extra warmth without the cost.

Socks: Say it with me, Balega. The most comfortable running socks I've ever put my feet into. Check your local running shop or find 'em online. Blisters be gone!

Happy, healthy new year to all!