June 11, 2012

Celebrity Style Stalker: Emma Stone

I doubt I'm alone in saying that I have a bit of a crush on Emma Stone. She's adorable, well-spoken and a great actress. You don't see photos of her being carried out of nightclub, completely and utterly tanked. I have yet to see an inappropriate flash of a body part in any red carpet photo. She seems like one cool chick. A+, Emma.

With that being said, girlfriend also has a super cool sense of style. She's fashion forward without sporting a swan-like Bjork dress to garner attention. Usually she's rockin' some type of well-cut dress or pants with a modern spin. Like the simple but lovely ensemble below. Thus, the reason for (style) stalking Emma Stone.

Photo via:
Michael Loccisano/Getty

While I prefer her locks a lovely red, the blond suits her nicely as well. Emma is sporting a black leather top from J Brand black leather J Brand top and $95 Melinda Maria earrings. Nice. I would have liked if People.com let us know who the jeans were by, but it I'm a betting woman, I'd say J Brand as well.

With that, below is my homage to Emma's ensemble. Enjoy, stalkers, and happy shopping!