June 27, 2012

Three Items I Currently Cannot Live/Travel Without

Ok...so clearly, there are many, many items of clothing I cannot survive without, but there are three that I continue to circle back to. And I'm not talking basic bras and undies here, folks. Yes, I need those things too. But I seem to especially gravitate towards the three items below especially when I'm traveling, thus solidifying my thought that said three items are pretty clutch for my summer wardrobe.

Denim Jacket: I've been rocking a Levi's denim jacket I scored from Macy's a few months back...no kidding, I rock that thing harder than Brett Michaels rocks a bandana. I'm almost considering buying a white version to pair with denim shorts and such as I can *cannot* werk that denim on denim trend.

Perfect White Tanks: I personally go through a handful of Target's $9 micro ribbed tanks every summer. They're nice and fitted and come in a variety of shade, white being the most used. They're long enough for the long-waisted gals, but don't bunch up too much for those of us who aren't blessed with a lengthy torso.

Comfy leather flip flops: Last summer I was obsessed with Tkees. I still love 'em. So much. However, I scored a pair of Mad Love sandals recently that I'm equally as crazy about. These flippies are more comfortable than the rubber Havianas and some even have a touch of support for your tired tootsies.

Which three items do you covet for summer?