November 18, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Elliott Lucca

Mmmm handbags. Clutches or hobos, totes or shoulder bags, I love 'em. However, I find myself carrying the same basic "day bag" on a very regular basis. I do the purse dance/wallet swap at night when I head out to dinner and I need a punchy clutch.

So, because I've beat my current Cole Haan handbag to hell I decided to not only resurrect that bag (I'll bring it to a shoe man for some conditioning love) but I needed an additional neutral leather bag for day time.

I meandered through a few department stores and settled on a subdued mauvey-beige Elliott Lucca bag. Why Elliott Lucca? Well, those bags are made from super fabulous leather, stay in great shape for a looooong time and are classic but still have enough pizzazz to keep my interest.

So, in honor of my new bag here are a few Elliott Lucca bags that are super cute. What do you think?! Do you beat the hell out of your day to day handbag?