November 15, 2010

Product Review: Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup, A-

Helllloooooo everyone! Happy Monday to all.

I had a fabulous weekend with my girlfriends...we bopped around Madison, WI. We pretty much did everything in excess - walking the campus, eating, drinking, shopping, etc. Good times had by all.

And when I arrived in Madison, I realized I forgot my foundation. Yup, I was without any kind of face makeup whatsoever. Since I really wasn't in the mood to look like a zombie all weekend, my friend Jess lent me her Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup. It retails for $34.50 for .63 ounces (mineral makeup). Thanks, Jess!

Here are the deets from Clinique...

“Smart” technology keeps dry areas comfortable, oily areas less shiny. No-waste grinder dispenses skin-defending vitamins with each twist. Fresh-shaved mineral powder clings evenly to skin. Lasts for up to 8 long hours. Includes antibacterial brush. Turn grinder clockwise stopping at first mark to release enough fresh powder for a full-face application. Dip brush into powder and tap gently to remove excess. Sweep over face to desired coverage. One click is enough for full-face application. 

And my review...

The Good: This is a super fun product - the clickity function ensures the product is kept clean and disburses the right amount of powder. Coverage is definitely on the lighter side and it left my skin looking shine free. Also, it seems like this would last you a price per wear isn't ridiculous by any means.

The Bad: For those ladies wanting full face coverage, this probably isn't the product for you.

The Verdict: A-! This product really worked for me and left my skin feeling light and airy. Once I'm done with my MAC foundation, I'll likely give this a buy!