November 12, 2010

WTF Friday: A Very Colorful Mess

Happy Friday to all! I'm really excited to head out to see my girlfriends from college this weekend at UW-Madison...go badgers!

So, to get the weekend started off right, there are two interesting ensembles to share...first up is repeat offender, the adorable Leighton Meester...

Photo via: Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

Hmmmm...yeah. She is wearing Marc that's nice. I do enjoy Marc Jacobs. But this looks like Leighton wrapped two different '70s curtains around her body and went on her merry way. No. Bad.

And numero dos is Mischa Barton...yes, again.

Photo via: Michael Tran/Film Magic

Oh Mischa. Girlfriend, WTF. a) this does NOTHING for your body. b)it seems as if you raided grandpa's pantalones collection. Please hire a stylist, hit the salon and come back later.

That wraps it up! Happy weekend!