December 31, 2010

WTF Friday: I've Got The Blues

Happy Friday & happy New Years Eve to all! Here's wishing all of you a lovely, fun & safe celebration tonight.

Now, on to today's WTF nominees...

First up, a first for the CCC, a man...Mr. Ashton Kutcher. Yes. And here's why...

Photo via:

Well then. Yeeeeah. Ashton & Demi were in Paris at the time and he's sporting ankle length white linen pantalonesand a snug blue cardi. Listen, Ashton, both you and your wifey are lovely, but please stop borrowing her clothes and pawning them off as your own kitschy style. This is straight up fug.

And then we have the stunning Kerri Hilson...

Photo via: Jerritt Clark/WireImage
Oh, Kerri. You really give such good face...then why, oh, why do you wear such a strange lookin' blouse? All I can do is stare at her chest! It looks as if she removed a few shoulder pads and tucked them inside her sheer, lace shirt. This top is no bueno.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! Happy New Year!