March 4, 2011

Combo Friday...

Happy Friday to all!

Up today is a combo of Fridays past...we have WTF and Fabulous Friday. Let's just go ahead and get the fug out of the way with WTF...

First up - very much a repeat offender...Ms. Taylor Momsen.

Photo via: Justin Campbell/Startracks Photo
 Oh my...wee, angry Tylor busted out a few tricks again. And yes, she looks like she's turnin' tricks too. Sweet pea, please put away the Hot Topic rejects from 1996.

And then we have Deborah Gibson. Indeed, that's Debbie Gibson.

Photo via: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Oh Debster. Nice abs. That's about it. Please find a full length top next time you're struttin' your stuff on the, um, checkered carpet.

Enough about some fabuloso looks?! Let's look at a duo of gorg...

Oh Halle...I don't think I've ever *not* loved something you've sported...

Photo via: Christopher Polk/Getty
Simple.chic.stunning. I love the drape of the dress, the slate gray color and the chain necklace. She also looked amazing at the Oscar's, but that's another story!

And last but not least, little Selena Gomez...

Photo via: Micheal Buckner/WireImage
Pretty pretty pretty! That lipstick red is just amazing with her skin tone and hair. The cut is just youthful enough and the drape is stunning. Bravo, little lady.

That's it for today's Friday special. Care to share?