March 30, 2011

Looking Ahead - Summer 2011

Even though Charlotte experienced a cold-ish snap this past weekend (highs in the 40's), I'm thinkin' of summer. Shorts and silk tops, bright bags and bold colors. Bring.It.On. Soon, please!

With this in mind, I've started creating a summer wishlist for myself...focusing on the items that will round out my closet (especially since I now work from home). I have no need for work pants and tailored suits! Hooray.
  1. A bold bag: Green, deep cerise, bright blue or another fun hue. Leather please and nothing I can physically fit into. I like large bags, but it doesn't have to be the size of a suitcase.
  2. White flares - denim: I'm diggin' J Brand's Lovestory, but I'm open to trying on a few. 
  3. Wedges: Of all kinds. Espadrilles. Cork. Jute. I'll take 'em all. 
  4. Easy, transitional pieces: Includes a denim jacket, silk tops and tunics that can easily move from day to night with the right accessories. 
  5. Maxi skirt: We've been here already. Still on the prowl for a perfectly fitting maxi skirt. Or two. Or three. 
Here are a few of my summer outlooks...what are you plannin' on?