March 23, 2011

Currently Craving: Trove TKEES Leather Flip Flops

I do not have pretty feet. I'll just throw that out there. I have the tiniest toe nails on the planet (seriously they look like little Chiclets) and from the myriad of exercise and running I engage in, my feet just aren't so hot. So, anything that makes my feet/legs look even remotely attractive and is comfortable = a total win in my book.

When I popped into new, local Charlotte boutique Coral I was in awe of the incredible items they had in the shop but also fell in love with TKEES. These slim, super comfy and simple leather flip flops are perfection for summer. They come in a variety of finishes, offer many shades (both nude colors and brights) and are a dressier option when Havianas just won't cut it. While they seem a bit pricey for a pair of flips ($45-$50), I imagine the cost per wear will be ridiculously low. I plan to pretty much live in these.

If you're purchasing online, go with your regular size or a bit larger as they run a tiny bit on the small side. i.e. I'm usually a 7.5 or 8 and the 8 fits just right (full sizes only, btw). While TKEES isn't selling on their website yet, it looks like it will happen very soon. In the meantime, you can score these sweet little flip flops at a myriad of online retailers - many highlighted in the set below.

While I purchased the shade "Cocoa Butter," I tossed together a set of fabu options and colors for you to gaze at. Happy shopping!