April 8, 2011

Do or Do Not: Jumpsuits?

Yep, full length jumpsuits. I've been watching more and more celebs and pretty peeps sport these grown up onesies and, to be honest, I'm diggin' it. Here are a few I think are worn exceptionally well...

Photo via: INF

 The fit, fabric and tailoring are spot on for these gorgeous ladies.

And a few that didn't quite hit the mark...

That's an abundance of volume for Kourtney Kardashian. I appreciate the '70s throwback but it looks a bit too campy.

And we've talked about this one already. Really not going to going to go into Leighton's lace jumpsuit. Just because it's Marchesa doesn't make it appropriate for, um, anything.

So, will you jump into a jumpsuit this spring or summer? Any you have your eye on?