April 25, 2011

Product Review: Elnett Satin Stronghold Hairspray, B

Hey friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend (if you celebrated) or at least blew up a few Peeps in the microwave. Either way...

Up for a product review today is Elnett's Stronghold hairspray. I've been meaning to try out this product for a long, long time but hesitated because I love Bumble & Bumble's spray de mode oh so much. So I finally took the plunge and forked over the $13 or $14 for the 11 oz. can.

L'Oreal at ShopStyle

Details from L'Oreal (Elnett):
Elnett Satin is the legendary hairspray of choice for red carpet events and cover photo shoots. Its micro diffuser spray offers a clean, soft shiny finish. So fine, it disappears at the stroke of a brush. So strong its hold lasts all day.

And my review: 

The Good: The hold is nice and light, shiny and strong. In terms of the performance of the hairspray this product is similar to B&B's spray de mode, if not a wee bit lighter.

The Bad: It smells like baby powder. Strong, strong baby powder. Yowza.

The Verdict: B for me. It's a very lightweight hairspray and although the hold didn't stay all day for me, it lasted quite a while. It seems like a great product for lightly holding waves, curls, etc.