April 22, 2011


Jeans. Jeeeeeeeeeans. I love jeans. I'm a self-professed jean ho. While there are a few brands I really, really love (Joe's, J Brand, Citizens, AG) I'm happy to try them all. I've especially been crushing on super flares (today's bell bottoms). J Brand makes some incredible Lovestory flares, as does AG with their Farrah jeans - but I'm always looking to expand my denim repertoire.

From the lovely Chloe I got a little extra nudge to go and try on GAP's super flares. Zomg. I am in love. But I didn't pull the trigger...yet. I was hoping to snag them online, but I don't see the 1969 super flares that I saw in store. So, in case you see those - grab em, they're pretty great! They have just enough stretch to feel snug and comfy but also retain a great bell shape at the bottom.

So, this trip to Gap got me thinking...what other great flares are out there? What are your fave flares? Do tell...