September 20, 2011

Stitch Fix: Shopping To My Doorstep

So, a few weeks back one of my colleagues told me about Stitch Fix. My ears perked up when I heard about customized fashion delivered to your doorstep. A kind of Birchbox for your closet, but you send back whatever clothing items you don't like. Free shipping both ways. For serious.

Could it be true?! Indeed it is. This sweet startup is making waves with their (IMO) brilliant shopping experience. How does it work? Here you go...

1. Head to Stitch Fix and sign up. The site and Twitter handle state that using this referral link to move your name up the list! You may have to wait a few weeks as they're growing like crazy.

2.  Stitch Fix will then email you a detailed survey regarding your style, sizes and approximate price points you spend on various items...dresses, jackets, sweaters, accessories, etc.

3.  After your data is compiled, you'll be asked to send a one-time $20 payment via Paypal to start your Stitch Fix account. This $20 credit is applied to your first Stitch Fix (your first monthly box of clothing/fashion). If you end up sending everything back, that one $20 credit is forfeited. Otherwise, it's applied to whatever you purchase that month.

4.  A few weeks later, your first Stitch Fix will arrive! Some pics of my first box below - not the highest quality of photos. It included two dresses, one sweater, one blouse and one bangle. They definitely read through my survey in regards to my sizes, style and preferred price points. I kept an awesome Line and Dot top with a fab asymmetrical hem. I would have also kept the BB Dakota dress, had I not *just* bought it! How's that for using the knowledge gleaned through the survey?! Each garment is also tagged with some Stitch Fix suggestions on ways to wear each item and info about the brands.

5.  You keep what you want from the box and send back what you don't by the following Monday. Yes, they give you a prepaid shipping enveloped to send anything back that you don't want! Notes: 25% off the total price if you want to keep all five items in your Stitch Fix. As a whole, prices were fairly competitive with most shopping websites and retail locations.

6.  Every box comes with a survey where you can give feedback on the style, fit and price. This info, I imagine, is crucial to the folks at Stitch Fix. The point is to learn from what you like and don't like and improve their picks with each delivery.

7.  So, what types of brands does Stitch Fix send you? Obviously, it depends on your style, tastes and price points, but expect mid-range brands like BB Dakota, Greylin, Charlie Jade, Velvet Heart, Line and Dot and more. You can also check them out on their website, blog, or Twitter.

I'm oh-so-looking forward to next month's fix!