September 7, 2011

Currently Craving: Fall Fashion List

I love lists. All sorts of lists. To-do lists. Grocery lists. And my most favorite, the fall shopping list.

Since it's September, I feel comfortable moving forward with what I'm currently craving for fall. I've kept it to just five items (for now) so my poor husband doesn't a) have a heart attack and b) hide my credit cards.

1) Kick ass booties: I'm looking for something with a bit of edge and/or hardware. Must be leather so I can beat the crap out of it and have some staying power. i.e. not super duper trendy, but not simplistic either. I'm pretty partial to the Ash booties shown in the set below...

2) Cozy sweaters: Space dyed, nubby wools, sweaters and overall cozy coziness. I'm already craving them and it's still 85 degrees in Charlotte.

3) Ladylike blouses: Soft, feminine blouses that I can tuck into my super flared denim or sport loosely or belted with a pair of skinnies and boots. 

4) Red pants: As I mentioned in prior posts, I want me some red pants. Skinnies, flare, wide leg, whatever. I like 'em all.

5) Chunky boot socks: It's a super affordable purchase (you're welcome, husband) but I'm really looking forward to stacking these thick socks over skinnies and under boots, peeking out just at the top.

So, that's my (abbreviated) fall fashion list. What's on your short list?