September 23, 2011

WTF: A for Effort, F for Execution

Ahhhh Friday...happy day to all!

As many of you probably know, I like posting Fabulous Friday. I love seeing celebs and gorgeous peeps trot about in stunning ensembles. I also have an appreciation when these lovely folks get it wrong. So wrong.

For example, we have the adorable Demi Lovato. Who I think is super cute but *trying* way too hard here.

Photo via: Theo Wargo/Getty
Oh girlfriend. Pick ONE feature or ONE trend and go with it. We don't need to see animal print, tight fit, bewbs, asymmetrical hem and off the shoulder top. You get one. Maybe two. Too much this time, lovely lady. Real it in. Your hair looks pretty, though.

And how about the stunning model Petra Nemcova?

Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty
Erm. Petra. You're so pretty. Why did you think it's a great idea to thief your grandmother's Chinese curtains and wear it emblazoned across your lower half? This looks like a bad student sewing project. Ack.

That's all I have today - have a wonderful weekend, folks!