February 27, 2012

Top Three Oscar Gowns & Hilarious Twitter Accounts

Well, the Oscars were a bit of a snoozer for me. Billy Crystal was fine. Just fine. But I wasn't impressed overall. A few notes before I get to my top three gowns:
  • Angelina Jolie's leg pop was ridiculous. So much so that I laughed aloud...especially when one of The Descendants writers poked fun at her while he was accepting his award. Hilarious. 
  • I adore Emma Stone. She did the best she could with a boring show...and she made everyone fall in love with her all over again. 
  • Octavia Spencer is beautiful. So is Viola Davis.
  • Yes, I think the entire world saw JLo's nip slip. A Twitter handle started just minutes after it happened. I'm serious.
  • Same thing with Angie's right leg
In no particular order, below are my top three faves my last night's awards! 

Photo via Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. Apparently the color was more coral than red. Regardless, Michelle looks like a beautiful doll. I'm also bananas about her simple accessories. The cut of the dress with the soft peplum is just stunning.

Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty Images
How about Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen and Harry Winston diamonds?! Um, how fresh and lovely does she look? I know some folks weren't crazy about this tapestry-like down, but I absolutely loved it. The soft hair, yellow diamonds and exceptional tailoring of this gown wowed me. Oh, and she brought her grandma to the awards. Class act.

Photo via Kevin Mazur/WireImage
And how about Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford with the removable cape?! I gasped when I saw the first photo of her. It's different, it's edgy and it shows of her devotion to healthy eating and working out. You can't hide *anything* in a tight, white dress. She looks absolutely fantastic.

Those were my top three from last night...whose gown did you love?