February 6, 2012

Currently Craving: Pale Pink

A few weeks back I caved into a spring trend and purchased a pair of pale pink skinnies. Why? Well, I thought they were pretty. And I'm really diggin' the pale pink and blush tones.

I've never been the "I love pink everywhere, all the time, let's swim in pinky tones" kinda girl. However, I really think I can get some mileage out of my light pink denim. Want to jump on the pale pink skinny bandwagon? My advice: Don't buy them too tight. This color is just a few shades off of white...and no one needs to be sporting uber tight, light colored pantalones. I don't care how sweet your legs are.

Even beyond the denim, pale pink is poppin' up everywhere. My next crush is a sheer, pale pink or blush bow blouse....

What do you think of pink for spring?