March 28, 2012

Currently Craving: Tangerine Jeans (dammit, Kate Middleton)

Oh Kate Middleton. Whatever you wear is going to be news, whether it's a hoodie or a ball gown. But she really amped up the air waves when she sported a pair of "tangerine skinny jeans" a few weeks back while in London visiting the women's Olympic field hockey team.

Photo via: Chris Jackson - WPA Pool /Getty Images

Normally I'm not one to go all monkey see, monkey do, but as soon as I saw a picture of these jeans on Ms. Middleton I was all over it. Yes, my crazy little brain said, you NEED a pair of skinny jeans just like that for spring and summer. Just imagine how many ensembles you'll be able to put together around those magical jeans.

So I did it. I bought some tangerine jeans (well, pants). An affordable pair, I might add. I shopped around and snagged BB Dakota's Maddox pants in Poppy from

My thoughts? I like them. Do they fit as well as a pair of JBrand skinnies? Not really, but with this bright of a shade, I'm happy with them. They stretch, they flatter and they fit. And what to wear with them you may ask? Let me count the ways...

Do you have a crush on tangerine?!