April 20, 2012

Currently Craving: Coobies

Whenever I hear about those do-it-all products, I become instantly skeptical. Even though I'm enthralled with infomercials, I've never really acted on them. Beyond the Magic Bullet...that teeny blender and chopper is pretty sweet. But I digress.

Anywho, a while back I picked up a Coobie at a local Charlotte boutique. It rhymes with boobies, so that makes me giggle. I have to think that the brilliant people behind this product named it so on purpose. Or at least I hope they did. Here's what scoopneck Coobie looks like:

She looks so serious, doesn't she? But she does indeed look comfortable.

Via Coobie's website:

What's a Coobie Seamless Bra?
It's simply the most amazing bra you'll ever buy. Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive - it's the perfect combination. The Coobie Bra provides shape and support and can be worn in place of a camisole or tank top. The Coobie Bra fits almost every body!

My take: 
Is it the most amazing bra I've ever purchased? No. That distinction is saved for my Chantelle variety. But hey, here's the cool thing...it really does fit just about any set of girls. It's uber comfortable and comes in a variety of fun shades. Can I substitute said bra as a sports bra or daily bra? Hell to the no. But, if I'm just kickin' around the house, it is perfect and incredibly comfortable.

There are a variety of shades, patterns and types. Some with lace, some to fit ladies with even more upstairs. I have a crush on my Coobie and it's $20 well spent.

They're also running a pretty sweet BOGO offer online...which I will soon be using. The promo code is PMBOGO.

Happy weekend, everyone!