April 4, 2012

Learning From My Closet

Once per season I end up going to through my wardrobe, accessories and shoes. And every season I have to push myself to clear out anything I haven't worn in 2+ years.

Then I bag. And I partition my schtuff off to friends and relatives. And I donate. And still, every season I come up with more items that my closet just doesn't want?! Why oh why, closet? You'd think I'd learn. 

So, instead of wondering what the hell I'm buying every year/season that just doesn't make it through, I decided to post about it. Without further adieu...this is what I've learned.

What My Closet Hates:
  • Cheapie, trendy buys (here's lookin' at you, Forever21)
  • Ill fitting items, usually purchased online from a sample sale
    • Shakes fist at Gilt, Ruelala, My Habit, Hautelook...
  • Work/business casual gear
    • I work from home, so I really don't need any button downs, suits, etc. 
  • Skimpy tops or skirts
What My Closet Loves:
  • Quality fabrics: Wool blends, silk blends, great denim, tailored items
  • Boutique buys
  • Boots...in all forms. 
  • Neutral jackets
  • Comfortable and colorful tops and tanks
What My Closet Taught Me:
  • Don't buy stuff *just because* it's on sale. 
  • Don't buy something you *hope* to fit into one day
  • Quality over quantity for the most part
  • Buying online is risky, even if you're good about getting things tailored
  • Flip your hangers to remind yourself to wear those items you're not reaching for
  • Washable items are best...dry clean only is fine, but only in small doses 
Do tell, what does your closet teach you?